Video: Jack Moir's POV from the Queen Stage at EWS La Thuile 2021 Race 1

Jul 9, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Jack Moir and Richie Rude battled it out yet again, with Richie Rude taking the lead on Stage 4, the Queen Stage, by less than a second.

bigquotes2021 Enduro World Series La Thuile, Round 3, Stage 4 (Vertical) race run Gopro. The rain came in for the last couple stages, making this one super fun, lots of real slick patches. 2nd place behind Richie by 0.9s in this one. More super tight racing, keen to rip it again tomorrow!Jack Moir


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 My legs and lungs hurt just watching.
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 Maybe tune in to the Ebike WS may help you
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 Nasty little climb in there. These courses have been legit this year!
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 I know right, i wondered when it was gonna end. Those switchbacks looked greasy aswell
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 Jack scooted up that like it was butter
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 0.9 sec. so rude.
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 That much racing and still just a second apart. amazing. I look forward to the day that EWS has live coverage to rival DH and XC.
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 C'mon Jesse, don't pee on the track
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 Jack's on it, no doubt a fire breathing competitor lies within but we just see a super cool fella riding his bike fast, good stuff.
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 Glad you filmed this one in AquaVision mate - I could really feel the wetness!
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 LSD vision!?
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 Hope rude had a POV camera too so we get the side by side battle!
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 What is a queen stage?
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 It’s the stage that the Queen of Britain rode beforehand and approved for racing.
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 @fullendurbro: Very cool! I had no idea.
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 I often marvel at how amazing and fun the EWS stages seem. This one, not so much. The top bit looked good, though.

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