Video: Jack Moir’s Winning POV From Stage 2 of the Loudenvielle EWS

Sep 8, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Jack posts footage of another winning stage from a dominant week of racing.


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 That was insane. Jack makes those corners look easy, but we know they are not. The time gaps showed us that. Every average Joe on Pinki will think it looks lame though as they are Strava gods. Haha
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 Just because the top EWS rider can do something super fast doesn't make the track any better or worse. It looked kinda boring.
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 @PTyliszczak: This is the great thing about this sport. I think it looked great fun to ride. Each to their own Smile
I also like Fort William as a track to ride and to race (my bike disagrees though as it always gets battered there). Its a little rocky for many folk.
I enjoy a trail for what it is, not what I think it should be.
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 @PTyliszczak: yep. Lots of cool trails on his channel
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 @Willikers: Australia looks so cool. Honestly I go back and watch the POV's from Tasmania 2019 sometimes because the trails just look like so much fun. Interesting dirt, cool features with some challenges and some easy stuff for the pros to just rip through. Just look at this!

To each their own though, I guess the French like their grass turns!
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 @PTyliszczak: super cool

Yeah parts of it look like old grass track Moto courses

Check out Remy Metailler's channel, lots of super interesting gnar in Squamish
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 Wow! Those tight corners feel just like alpine skiing GS racing! Thats why Finn and Kasper so good!
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 Yes I know Finn is DH - transferable skill set.
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 wow, gravel is really taking off!
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 the way he takes the corners is really insane
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 The track looked fun, in a nice flowy way, and on a 140mm Trail bike. Judging by the buzz of his hub this was a track all about keeping momentum and ultimately the person with the best cornering technique wins, but it was....featureless
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 It's lame to dismis this trail. Jack's riding shows how to make it fun. Cow trails deff don't compare with riding purpose built singletrack, but it's still fun to ride like that.
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 That made me twist and turn in my chair with every corner like I was riding it. I could feel my tires nailing the outside edge of each turn. Cornering and clearing jumble wins races. I coulda' used a bigger gear, got spun out in a few stretches. Maybe a 42 tooth up front for that track...
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 I love that shadow
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 That no.64 cock and balls shadow on the thumb nail?
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 I only watched his shadow to see what he was doing; next time I’ll watch the trail (o;
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 Yeah, I got fixated by shadow-jack up at the top where you could see what he was doing on the bike. Totally missed any of the trail details until the shadow finally disappeared.
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 This could the most boring ews ever. Lol
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 Yep boring for you and I at a third their speed but not so boring for worldclass riders at speed. Not a trail ride. Racing on the limit brings challenges we simply dont encounter unless we're on the gnar.
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 The fitness to do that at race pace while sprinting every little section possible is insane.
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 Track looks bobbins. my nan could ride down that. bring on Tweed Valley!
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 Bullsh*t. Incredibly high speed, loose rocks and gravel, breaking bumps and rid
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 Ok dude. Jack absolutely smashed those corners and they are loose and filled with holes the way most people would ride perfect berms. There's a massive difference between riding and riding something well
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 @mattg95: she wouldn’t ride it at the same speed granted. But she could still ride it. Wank
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 Flawless, enduro porn.
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 All the mongs on here saying the track is boring. I bet you wouldn't even be able to eat Moir's dust down this trail. One of the best things about EWS is the variety of trails types.
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 that's kinda the point. no matter how fast you ride a dirt road through a grassy field, it's still going to be boring to watch.
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 Nobody is saying Jack is slow or boring. He’s an absolute boss on a bike. But no getting away from the fact that stage was properly shit.
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 @huckschwinn: If all you see is a boring ride down a dirt road, then I guess you've nothing to be taught and we'll be seeing you on the podium soon.

Moir's riding style fascinates me. Years ago, the first time I saw him riding WC DH, I thought "Wow look at the way this guy carries speed!"

He and Rude have completely different physiques and riding styles and yet they've been snapping at each other's heels; within milliseconds of each other all season. It's been such an enlightening experience for me to be able to watch and compare their unique styles on the EWS highlights.

In this video you get a really good POV, not only of the way he enters and exits corners, but conveniently the sun is directly behind him for most of the way down, so you can watch his body language via his shadow.

If you don't look, then you won't see.
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 @excavator666: it seems like you're way more into watching people ride bikes than I am, so I'll have to take your word on it.
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 Be like water, be like Jack Moir
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 So THAT'S how you flow through turns... Huh. Never knew.
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 Incredible speed on a super boring trail. Guess all riders loved this stage....
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 Exceptional rider. Fully deserves to win the overall.
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 Bucket list trail! Wow!!
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 Wow you got it figured. Are you an anti vaxxer ?
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 Jack is FAST and COOL at the same time. A good combo in a human!
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 If I was that fast, I bet id be fast.
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 Richie Rude will be on top again! Glad to see some close competition at the top again
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 Not unless Graves shows up with some water bottles...Smile

Shark Attack Jack all the way, he rips and has.....personality.
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 @bikebasher: they won't get caught that way again.
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 @bikebasher: def a fan of Jared, would have loved a "On Track with Jared" season
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 @bikebasher: He'll show up on the eeb now. EWS had him in their stories racing e-ews on the new Yeti.
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 Fuckin hard work though
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 Would love to see him hit a WC DH race to see how he fairs like Maes did in his dominant EWS season. INB4 PED comment.
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 He just switched over from world Cup DH this season.
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 @makripper: I know, I want to see him go back after a successful EWS Season, for a race at least.
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 Faster than the Taliban coming into Karbal
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 That's funny.

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