Video: Jack Moir's Winning Run & Puncture From Stage 3 of the 2021 Finale Ligure EWS

Sep 21, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesMoi Moi TV - Stage 3 winning run from round 8 of the Enduro World Series in Finale, Italy. This was the longest stage of the day, and the one that I flatted on at the very bottom.Jack Moir

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 I wonder how much he was pacing himself on such a long stage? It must be tempting to go balls out right out of the start but knowing you have over 10 minutes ahead of you must be difficult to measure.

It also must be disheartening when you've got to the bottom of such a long stage ready for a rest but have to immediately start fixing your bike. Makes it all the more impressive what he did in the subsequent stages.
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 I've used my HR monitor at an amateur level and it helps with the pace. But Holy guacamoly that cornering speed ? I be blessed if I can even look at trail.
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 At least he gave himself a 2 second breather before he changed that wheel. Was downhills loss when he did get a team, and enduros win.
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 We want the POV of Moir fixing the wheel X-D
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 I want a POV from the wheel while getting fixed
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 I want the POV of the rock
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 I want a PBR.
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 I still don't understand how he is able to take all the corners at that speed...
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 smol bike
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 Blek Bok
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 That looks like an awesome 20 minute descent. Smile
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 I'd love to see how much faster pros corner than your average punter. Get PB to set up timing cones at some random corner at a bike park. Get a couple of pros to hit it, then sit back with a camera and record punters. Love that Moir has transitioned into Enduro. Yeeaaaahhhh
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 At that level of fitness it’s amazing how fast you recover from a hard effort. Not saying I’m at his level, but with more and more training it’s so cool to see how your parasympathetic system works and helps you get back to normal so much quicker.
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 I think I could do that trail - with about ten rest/water stops and a few falls. I think I'd barf a lung up trying to do it at race pace and all in one!
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 Jack... Dude finishes longest stage and immediately goes to fix the tire !! legend. I would've been passing out.
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 Go Jack! Bloody legend mate!
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 Can't believe how smooth the GoPro makes this track look. It's not! The whole of Finale is a serious test for body and bike. These guys are proper athletes.
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 So glad to see the Australian spirit. Need to see that more than ever atm
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 Seriously tight course. Many opportunities to clip a tree or misread a turn.
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 Absolutely frothing to get to Finale one of these days after seeing this trail.
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 That was nuts! Super fast and there are some serious techy sections on that trail.
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 simply warp speed and amazing interpretation of all the lines..stunning!
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 Anybody have cliff notes here...when did he hit the rock?
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 At the very very end. You can hear a loud bang when his tire ripped off the bead.
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 @ 10:41
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