Video: Jack Moir's Winning Run POV from the Queen Stage in the Val di Fassa EWS

Jun 30, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesStage 4 Queen Stage winning run from the second round of the Enduro World Series in Canazei. Same track as the previous race, but rode different lines because of the rain, and an added urban section down the bottom through the streets.Jack Moir


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 Did Jesse hear the Jaws soundtrack as he came into the village?

Amazing run, so consistently fast.
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 What an incredible video and the tracks is a dream - I'm missing out big time not riding stuff like that. I can't believe how hard he's hitting everything and for that amount of time - his fitness and strength must be off the charts! Wow...
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 Man, Mountain biking is such a kick ass sport. The encouragement everyone has for the riders is so sick Jack is killing it as well, he went super flat out cor like 10 minutes Fucking rad !!!!
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 Yeah, the fans are great. Well informed too: so many fans are encouraging them by name. I know lots of them are support staff or coaches for various teams, and the riders have number plates, but still. A rider blasting by at high speed, and the fans can differentiate between riders on the same team with the same kit. Jesse and Remi, for example. Or are fans using live timing or something to know who's coming up? Then again, I don't know how often fans yell "Go Jesse!" as Remi speeds by?
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 He’s an incredible rider, so fast and he looks like he loves every second of his life. So glad he got picked up by Canyon, they knew his real worth
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 God Damn it : That was Fast and catching up Jesse was amazing.
Well Done Jack
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 Yeah, Jesse must have felt devastated when he saw him behind his back ...
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 @lkubica: Jesse crashed like 4 times. His race run is on his youtube channel, worth a watch too
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 Whats the start gap at EWS? 30 seconds?
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 @sadfusde: Yeah, I was shocked that he didn't drop more than 30 seconds to Jack given how many issues he had in his run.
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 DH misses you Jack, fantastic clean run. Well done on the win, hope to see you at some world cups or world champs and show them how its done.Yeah Boy!!!
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 DH was a waste for him. He did not seem to have the support he needed to succeed. He obviously has found his place.
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 @jmhills: he was damn good until Gwin showed with his junk tires and Fox suspension that Jack wasn’t used to. He lost 4-5 seconds a run when that all happened iirc.
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 Waited for that after watching jesse‘s vid few days ago… very nice job!
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 I have no idea how he beat Melamed with that shallow panting.
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 Master class in how to make going fast look easy?
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 Don't brake, don't crash.
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 ... aaaand SPRINT!
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 spot fabien barel shouting encouragement, great year for canyon cycles, amazing footage
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 this run would take me at least 30 minutes - that was incredible to watch
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 Reminds me of when the announcers used to talk about how Valentino Rossi's heartbeat was around like ~140 in a race while his competitor was up around 170. Dude was just not stressed. Half of competition is just tiring yourself out, applies to boxing too etc
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 so fast so fluid and never seems to lose momentum; goes to show average speed always trumps top speed
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 This is totally ridiculous!!!!! SOOOOOOO fast! Incredible!
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 Clearly not wanting to miss out by 0.5s again. Absolutely on it.
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 This stage in GC live mode leaving the gaps at the start from the current GC would have been a great show seeing the real fight and overtaking between riders... Something worth to try for the show at least in one stage.
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 All that and with a bug in his throat!
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 Such a clean run. Incredible on a long stage like that. Mind blown.
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 Pretty gnarly
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 lol what is up with europeans and the over abundance of shit corners?

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