Video: Jackson Goldstone - 10 Years Old and Shredding

Oct 7, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Props to his parents for not only enabling him to ride but doing it as a family. Well done
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 Jackson hitting Crabapple -

If I knew my son would love mountain biking as much as Jackson does, I would make a baby...tonight!
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 Geez, that lil dude is something......look out ! So so much props to this lil shreddy McGee! haha
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 The family that shreds together, stays together!
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 Comment of the month I say bholton.
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 1:12 - trying the crazy death spin Wink
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 Is Jackson a future star in the making?
I think so
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 ...and my parents made me play the piano - yeah, good one mum!
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 me too Razz hated that piano Smile )
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 Musicians get all the girls later in life though!
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 not true! i play like 7 different instruments and i got not a single woman because of it.
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 yeah usually girls will start to play your instruments... like the flute... if you know what I mean...
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 guess what i played ? hockey
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 i can play the skin flute.
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 I don't think your mum would be happy if I told her you said that
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 guys who play the guitar get all the girls, us piano guys in the other hand... get the hand Frown
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 @robwhynot specially lead guitar players!! \m/
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 Musicians get their dues. Maybe not in high school - 'cause high school is the most eff'ed up social construct known on this planet - but trust me, after high school, most of the cool kids will work for the geeks, the jocks go nowhere in life clinging to the glory they never really had and musicians who know how to play more than their instrument will get the ladies. Not every case, but on average, that's how it plays out.
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 as an avid musician women are not actually drawn to those who play instruments. They say that they do, they say they want to date/marry a guy who plays an instrument but that is not true. They say that because it makes them sounds more sophisticated. What they really like is fame. So famous musicians they are attracted to yes, but not to musicians in general.
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 @josebravo I can second that. There certainly weren't any girls lining up to jump on my dick during my drunk and sloppy Chopin playing in high school. ...I did however have girls lining up to rail coke off my cock though. Big Grin
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 pianists are good with their hands anyway..
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 That moment when a 10 year olds probably better than you
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 That moment when your 10 year old son is probably better than you
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 To be fair, my ten year old self was probably better than I am now! I shit my pants at drops my ten year old self would have laughed at!
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 i wish my relationship with my dad was like this form day 1 and i also wish i could ride like that lol
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 Hoping my daughter rides shes only 11 months, already uses her push bike (just gotta take the seat off so its low enough for her to touch the ground, then use some foam to cover the part I took the seat out for safety reasons.

Not gonna force her into it but if she likes well i'll be stoked.
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 I've seen this kid in whistler.... he is scary good
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 Yeah I can tell, has great parents what help him succeed his goals.
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 This kid was at the dirt jumps in Whistler a lot this summer. He's crazy good on the pro line there already.
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 Dammit has he not even turned 11 already, I swear I've aged 2 years while he's stayed 10. Killing me at everything.
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 During Rampage, kiddo was riding the step up at the old course with everyone. He's super nice, and was going as big as anyone. It was amazing to see-- he's a little kid, but he's got full-grown man style. The next generation is looking good!
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 Sick. I can't even remember anything I was doing at 10 years old.
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flag enduroelite (Oct 7, 2014 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 I was wrenching bikes........
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 I was base jumping from the roof of the family barn..............I do not know how I survived.
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 When I was 10 I was playing Downhill Domination on my ps2, this lad is actually RIDING it :ooooo
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 Rad kid. Nice family all around. I ride with my 10 and 11 y.o. daughters and seeing Jackson has inspired them. My oldest lost to his big sister at a freeride comp this summer but she is determined to keep pushing herself. Now if only I could move them to Whistler....
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 Pretty awesome. If only every kid could be like this, then I wouldn't have to wait for ever to go down the trails. I've also seen some pretty good kids, there was this one dad and his son that showed up at my local pumptrack, the kid was on a balance bike. For being on a balance bike, he was shredding and he loved it, he did not want to stop. He was going around the pumptrack, down the mountain bike trail and even some of the 7 foot jumps.
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 Dang...who remembers the original "Jackson Goes to School" video on the run bike? Seems like forever ago, so sick to see this little shredder progress over the years.

Also, props to you, Dad. Major, major props.
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 amazing what money and location can do - my boy loves being out on his bike but don't get out that much Frown
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 Thad kid is rad. Great parenting. My daughter is 10 months old now. I can't wait for the day she starts hitting the Bike park. I already have her little Trek Kickster built and ready to go. Dad's gonna make her a shredder, if that is the choice she so chooses of course.
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 That is awesome, These guys are an inspiration. A few comments here about kids riding better than their dads, My son cleared his first 16ft tabletop a week ago, I'm super proud and yes he will be riding way better than me by the time he reaches 10, but on the positive side itll keep me young Smile
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 Followed my 12yo down our local trail the other day, and watched in awe as he sweetly and effortlessly boosted a CRAZY-big hip. Honest to God, it felt like I was the cameraman in a Red Bull vid. He then promptly bins it off the side of the trail, looks up at me out of the bushes he's landed in and says "Wanna go again?" Wink Riding with your kid is a special thrill.
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 Thats wicked! He is a little shredder with awesome style. RideOn little buddy!
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 I remember being that age and riding with my dad and he pushed me into cross country from 8 I would say. I can't thank my dad enough for getting me into mountain biking and my passion for riding is still strong as ever.
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 Hey what bike was he on? Gotta get my boy on one:-))
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 I believe it's a Lil Shredder
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 lil shredder bikes.
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 In the video he is riding the lil shredder bike but he is now on a Canfield prototype...soon to be released this summer:
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 That's a sweet looking bike. The Canfield Jedi is pretty bad ass for the older kid in mind.
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 Me and my dad ride DH every weekend aswell Smile Such a sick edit and really shows how fun of a family sport it is!
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 You know you suck when a 10 yr. old shreds harder than you ever will. Now I'm going to go back to my little corner and cry myself asleep.
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 My the Shred be with you young one.
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 Jack Da Shredda!!! Very cool:-)
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 time to go make some kiddies!!!
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 A 10 year old that out shreds me by a country mile. I'm going to sell my expensive sh!t and take up water polo... or something equally crap.
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 water polo is intense. just so u don't feel so bad...
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 perhaps but those skin-hats are rather unfortunate
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 That's a Parenting WIN. The little guy SHREDS!!
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 I like beer
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 Yep, rad dads make rad kids. Might have to make me some babies and get started.
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 Is he ever going to grow ? I swear he's been the same size for the last 5 years :p Very cool way to grow up indeed.
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 When I have kids, I want a son like Jackson!!! Awesome!! Fantasic Dad too!!!! Perfect family IMO.
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 I wish I was as cool as Jackson, but I am glad to just try to be cool like his dad.
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 Great video Jackson! This would have made such a wonderful fathers day video. Smile
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 Step 19: you must teach your child how to ride a bike before they can walk.
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 this was unbelievable! when he fell off I was waiting for that distinctive child crying sound but he said "i'm okay"
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 Well then....
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 This is how to Dad
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 Respect to the Dad,you sir have done well Smile
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 Props for not being those pushy parents...
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 This. For sure. You don't get a kid to shred like that if you're being pushy. Kids have incredible radar - if you're just trying to expose them to stuff in the hopes they'll find something they love and get passionate about, they just might. If you are too invested, they'll get turned off pretty quickly.
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 Yeah! Great dad! Keep them on their dreams
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 Great vid guys! We'll have to do a son & dad rip next year...
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 the braking bumps must be like full blown whoops for him
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 Parenting awesomeness!!
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 best Dad ever!!
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 Cool video !
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 We'll done Jackson
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 so rad!

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