Video: A Closer Look at Jamie Edmondson's Trek Slash Race Bike

Jul 20, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

We caught up with Jamie Edmondson to get the details on his new Trek Slash that he had set up for the third and fourth round of the EWs in La Thuile.

Trek Slash Details

Frame size: Medium/Large
Wheel size: 29"
Rear Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil // 450lb Spring
Fork: Rockshox Zeb 170mm // 70psi // Two Tokens
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 AXS
Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet DH
Cockpit: Truvativ Descendant 770mm Bars and 35mm Stem
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC // 200mm Rotors Front and Rear
Wheels: DT Swiss EX1501
Tires: Maxxis DHF and DHRII in DH Casing // 28psi Front and 32 psi Rear

Jamie is running the full 29" setup on his EWS race bike after finding it can help on the tech climbs and carrying more speed through the rough stuff. Jamie did try a mullet for a while but switched back to 29" as he prefers the higher speed it can carry.

Jamie prefers to use the DH version of the Mallet pedal as when you have to take a foot off he prefers the more support platform compared to the Enduro model.

Jamies tries to keep the setup very similar across his Enduro and DH bike to make it easier to switch between the two. He says this is most important when you have back to back races and there is not a lot of time to get used to a different bike.


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 Has Jamie been buying his components on Aliexpress? Crankborthers pedals? Truvatic bars?
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 You have to have Pinkbike premier to have access to the error free page
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 If they make it so the paywall gets rid of these idiotic paywall comments I'm all in
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 I've got a Slash, I'm roughly the same height and weight but I'm much slower than you @jamieedmondson, what's that all about? I guess it must be the tyre pressures...
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 Prob have missed it but 32 rear pressure & 28 up front? I'm 200 lbs and find 27/24 is my sweet spot w/ cushcore on the roughest terrain (and yeah, I ain't this guy or ever will be) - just surprised to read those pressures. Nothing about inserts in this article though...
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: I did see the numbers but if I ride with tyres that hard I look more like a ping-pong ball through every rock garden.
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 @Erskine-Atom +1 here also
I run those tyre pressures too @jamieedmondson
*cough* only to get UP the 6km and 400vert hill at the start of the ride *cough* LOL

When is @Maxxis going to have the 2.5" DHR II available for the masses - more to the point!!
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 @Erskine-Atom: hear ya on that! I'd often go lower than 27/24 in rockier places but it shreads the DD sidewalls faster and tires ain't getting cheaper... ping pong - effin hilarious!
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 @Erskine-Atom: @Erskine-Atom: hear ya on that! I'd often go lower than 27/24 in rockier places but it shreads the DD sidewalls faster and tires ain't getting cheaper... ping pong - effin hilarious!
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 @GLOB-2018: ditto on that w/ uphills. I've been going Assegai 2.5'' front / rear and I don't honestly think its any slower on downhills - I've beaten all of my former DH times on DHF/DHRs w/ double Assegai's (and also have some kom & t-10's, but that's just video game scores). Point being - the 2.5 Assegais are still bomber and w/ DD sidewalls, way stronger (in my view)
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 "did try a mullet for a while but switched back to 29" as he prefers the higher speed it can carry."

Everyone, circa 2023
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 Can't wait till this mullet fad is over.
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 @Philthy503: Only a fad if you're worried what others think - we've been doing this in western NC since mid 2000's w/ 27 / 26 then 29 / 27 since and I love the smaller rear wheel for DH park days - way squirrely-er and more fun, whippy and 29's for speed needs otherwise. Love being able to switch back & forth - super fun. Don't worry about what others think and if you haven't tried it, give it a shot. You don't have to like it - the whole point is experiementing and if ya can't do that w/o everyone bitching & crying about it - then why ride. Even if it doesn't work at all (or for you) its stuff like this that is the stepping stone to new ideas - 9 of 10 things suck, then something works because of the steps it took to get there, not doing the same thing over & over.
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 It seems like 90% of Pinkbike 'articles' lately have been videos, with little writing involved .... nothing against Jamie Edmondson mind you.
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 Yep the videos such, I don't go to YouTube to read, and I don't go here to watch.
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 It's nice because most of us can't read
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 28psi Front and 32 psi Rear THANK YOU
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 Finally some real life tire pressures
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 Another big lad downsizing! Also, wish more manufacturers made those m/l bikes, since they seemed to hit the fat part of the height curve.
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 @jamieedmondson Are you bottoming out the rear end easily? I'm ~72kg and have been bottoming out the stock super deluxe airshock relatively easily, until I added 2 tokens. I'd be curious to try coil, but didn't feel like spending on it and ending up with a coil that feels to stiff for smaller bumps.
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 Not bottoming more than I want to be, 450lbs spring at 83kg is about perfect. Didn’t have any issues with bottoming out on the air shock when I tried it either though
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 I am the same weight as you and I found I had to go way past treks recommended pressures and slow the rebound down one click, with two tokens.

Shockwiz and feel both put my sweet spot around 210psi, LR @ 4, and 2 tokens.

I also have a Rail and had to do the same on that.
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 Is it just me or is the fork pressure kinda low? I'm in the alps currently and a pressure of 70psi, 2 tokens gave me serious handpain a few minutes into the run. I guess it relates to the fork diving under breaking. So I upped to 75psi with open compression damping. I'm 75kg on a 170mm Lyrik. How do you deal with the lower pressure being heavier and much, much faster than me? Using more compression damping?
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 The ZEB presumably has a bigger volume air spring so will need lower pressures to provide the same support... I think??
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 @mr-moose: That was my first thought too, but RS Trailhead recommends the same pressure for ZEB and Lyrik for a given rider weight
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 I wouldn't compare like for like as these forks will be factory tuned (not for the masses)
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 Don't these bikes have a proprietary lower shock mount? Curious to know how the Super Deluxe coil is connected. I thought the Slash was only really compatible with their proprietary Super Deluxe Ultimate.
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 The through shaft part of the super deluxe ultimate is proprietary, but if you don't have a through shaft shock, its just spacers. Nothing special.
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 It definitely can run normal hardware/normal shock (I believe you need 10mm offset 40 wide x 10mm ID pin) and a different bolt.
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 I run fox dpx2 on slash
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 Anybody know if that GPS mount that is integrated with Trek's knock block is still a piece that Trek does for their factory riders or if there's someone out in the aftermarket producing one?
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 @jamieedmondson: Thanks a lot! Much appreciated.
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 What’s going on with the zip tie through the flip chip bolt at 28 seconds?
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 I’m a liability and once you’ve lost it mid ride once you don’t want it to happen again
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 @jamieedmondson: I have a collection of those found at Whistler bike park.
It's common for them to come loose. I recommend the zip tie trick to Trek riders.
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 @Yaan: at my local dj park its just valve caps and reflectors. one time i found a crank bolt (concerning)
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 Awesome bike check. Thanks @jamieedmondson
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 What's Jamie's weight/height?
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 @jamieedmondson: or in the PB translator, 140lbs and 6ft 6inches
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 @dubod22: Whut... it converts to 182lbs and 5'11
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 @spudlord: Wooooosh
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 @dubod22: I don't get it...
pinkbikers are all skinny and tall?
Pb doesn't do translations?
Explain plz.
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 Crazy high tire pressures! Maybe he is not running tire inserts?
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 No inserts in the enduro bike for me, use cushcore on the dh but it’s too hard to get on/off if you have to change a tyre at the bottom of a stage and it’s pretty heavy
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 @jamieedmondson: Just out of curiosity what is the purpose of the hand / grip protectors from Acerbis? I had them in moto for branches but Ive never found it a concern in MTB
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 @lastminutetech: half for protecting my levers because if you break one mid EWS it’s pretty much game over and half for when you clip the hard plastic ski poles they use to mark out the tracks. Generally I wouldn’t run them at home just at the races
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 @jamieedmondson: ahhhh gotcha, thx!
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 @jamieedmondson: interesting. Thanks!
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 New SRAM rotors?
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PinkBike derailed completely, congrats !
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 Great bike!
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 Realize the article's prob done but - any inserts going on here?
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 I think he said no for enduro (too heavy, too long to change flat) but yes for dh
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 @ibishreddin: word -missed it, thx for the heads up
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 Maybe the perspective is deciving but this bike look too large for him?
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 Keeping it real with the same size wheels! Nice to see.
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