Video: Jasper Jauch and Oreo the Dog Hit the Trails

Nov 12, 2019
by SQlab  



DOGGYSTYLE - Come and ride with our fastest duo: SQlab Pro Rider Jasper Jauch and his dog Oreo!

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 Hmm I think you need a longer travel dog, the shorter travel model shown here definitely has better acceleration thanks to refined suspension design but appears to have trouble keeping up in the ruff.

If I had to rate it: 10/10 all dogs are good dogs
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 My dream is to be able to wake up to my alarm like that dog did.
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 I need a trail dog...and new bike....and more skill... funny video and good riding.
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 That dog takes more inside lines than Sam Hill! :-)
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 Quality content right here. My girl shreds and learned quickly that its fun to take inside corner lines to pass me... puts a smile on my face every time!
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 0:53 even doggo loves to get air. look how happy he is to boost that! and doing a superman lol...
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 Rad video, having fun with your critter in the bush!
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 Congratulaions for the first video on pinkbike oreo :-)
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 Look at that SMILE Smile all dogs welcome to riding trails as not a lot of people smile when they ride there bikes ..

great vid .>>>
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 You rocks with the video clips. It is funny and you both are great Smile
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 love how the dog does the jumps to
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 When your brap is worse than your bite!
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 Rat terrier? i have one too, not the smartest shed in the tool but good dogs
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 I have a similar dog, she loves being outside. Sadly she loves rooting around in the undergrowth.
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 Jeah Jasper! sick video
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 location bitte !!!
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