Video: Jaxson Riddle & Transition Bikes at Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 23, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTransition factory freerider Jaxson Riddle got into Redbull Rampage 2021, so a crew of TR employees headed down to the desert to cheer him on. We brought some cameras along to show you how we get down in the desert! Transition Bikes

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 Thanks for making and sharing the video. Nice to see you support your rider and that POV footage really shows how crazy that event and the lines/exposure really are.
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 Such good vibes from the Transition crew! Love seeing the "crew" approach to the rampage trip.
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flag Bro-LanDog (Oct 23, 2021 at 16:12) (Below Threshold)
 cue the nerds sayin He DiDnT ThOuGh
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 The FUN champ, Jaxson Riddle!
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 Love the POV from guys that are in the industry and talented riders walking around those cliffs and being normal(ish) humans about how gnarly it is up there. Rampage riders and build crews are on another level just building on the side of that mountain!

The Transition crew also seem like awesome people, but no surprise there.
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 Glad he made transition to Transition, bike seems to suit him perfectly!
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 Nice video! But where did you guys get the Austrian "Stiegl"-beer from in Utah? I'm fairly confused Smile
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 it is quite common to find here in the US. despite the stereotype we only drink bud light, there are plenty of beers here that get imported from Europe. the Stiegl Raddlers are some of my favorite
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 His one one of my favorite of the Rampage. Just because his tricks were a bit different than everyone else. Sure he'll be a winner in years to come.
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 Is that Christina Chappetta in the background at 12.05?
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 Bummed i missed you guys at Beacon Hill.
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 Jackson, look into a product called Youzee inserts. A godsend for us four eyed types =) Ed Masters and BK are on em already!
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 Jackson didn't get robbed, Jackson experienced a B&E where they took everything including the dry goods from the pantry.
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 Entertaining video, looked like a fun time !
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 This guy is flying!
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 I spy an e-bike or two on their rack.... its only a matter of time
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 Hell yeah yall! What a gem you landed
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 Nico saying “don’t sign up for it” after being asked about judging. Hmmmm?
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 He was referencing the amount of criticism the judges get at this event. From thousands of negative comments to direct hate mail, Nico puts up with a lot to be a judge. We are lucky to have been able to chat with Nico after Rampage this year, and when you hear all the reasons things were scored the way they were, we agree with what they came up with. The first thing to realize is that this job is not easy, but the judges walk every single feature of everyone’s line, and are tasked with comparing apples to oranges. Despite all the hate, Nico continues to judge because he truly cares about the riders and doing his best to score them evenly. From our POV, we think Redbull should do more to be transparent about where the scores come from. For people sitting at home it’s impossible to see the nuanced choices they are making, so finding a way to bring that to the live feed would be awesome and likely curb much of the outrage about their favorite rider being “robbed”.
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 @TransitionBikeCompany: Makes total sense, thank you for the reply. A lot more going on behind the scenes that I wasn’t aware of.
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 @bdreynolds7: you and a million other but y’all still love to chirp!
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 @TransitionBikeCompany: love your response and thank you for the inside insight. Rampage is my favorite event and week of the year but the one thing I dread is all the bitching about scores at the end. In my view every one of these guys is a champ and if u are able to do your run then a video of it on constant play in your garage next to your rampage number plate is probably about the coolest “trophy” anyone could hope for
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flag roma12 (Oct 23, 2021 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 @TransitionBikeCompany: such a lame bs and so poor defending. Everyone who has a brain knows that Vink at Rampage as a judge its a mockery of common sense
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