Video: Jeff Lenosky Launches Fundraiser for Can’d Aid After Bike Thefts

Sep 30, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Jeff Lenosky unfortunately never recovered the bikes and cameras that were stolen from him back in April but he's putting it behind him and instead hoping to fundraise their value for Can'd Aid.

Everything Jeff uses to make a living including his two Reeb Cycles bikes, computers, cameras and hard drives with all of his personal and professional data were stolen from the Reeb Cycles van as it made a West Coast tour after Sea Otter this year. Jeff had just completed a Can'd Aid tour, speaking to 6,000 kids about positive lifestyles and even giving away bikes to an entire first grade class of underprivileged kids.

Jeff is estimating all the stolen equipment was worth $25,000 and now he has started a fundraiser to pay it forward to Can'd Aid. Jeff said: "The response from the bike industry and fellow riders was overwhelming and so appreciated. Many people offered to help me track down my stuff and others offered to donate new gear or cash. I politely declined the offers because I started to envision the opportunity for this nightmare to become a positive experience. I knew I had a better use for the generosity directed towards me...I just needed time.

"Now I need Your help…I want to take advantage of everyone’s offers of generosity directed towards me, and use them to help some underprivileged kids. The goal is to raise $25,000 (the value of my stuff) for Can'd Aid to help get more kids on bikes."

Jeff is encouraging people to undertake their own fundraising activities or simply donate to his own if they wish to. He currently sits at $14,487.72 of the $25,000 goal.

More info, here.


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 RESPECT! A true OG of the industry and stand up guy.
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 I donated! Jeff's a great guy and this is a great cause. Got the chance to help build some bikes that were being donated to local kids with him and a bunch of other people at the Sedona MTB Festival.
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 Top-quality human right there.
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 Jeff is a class act and always looking to help others. If you have a few bucks to donate, this is where to do so. Keep up the good work, Jeff!
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 We all know what we want to do to theives. Jeff has put it past him and tried to make a positive message. Let's keep the violence off this post and focus on the donations and the the good we can do.
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 Donated ...and while I don't drink often, when I do, it's Oskar Blues!
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 solid guy doing great work for our community. DONATE.
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 Seriously bike companies need to hide GPS locators in bikes. Never had mine stolen but, leaving them in a van overnight scares the hell outta me.
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 The problem with that is powering the device. For something to be tracked it has to give off a signal, which requires a battery, so it would have to be accessible in some way to either change or charge the battery, which makes hiding it difficult.
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 @sino428: I hear ya, but it seems like they're getting pretty good at stuffing batteries in bikes these days, just saying
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 @Beez177: yea but they aren’t good at hiding them.
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 @sino428: ha, true dat. I don't know I'm just throwing ideas around. I guess buy the burliest chains around and lock your stuff up. Most criminals are looking for an easy score. These big van wrapped in sponsors scream expensive bikes inside. This fing' world...
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 Jeff, you are a good man! A hug and a high five to you sir.
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 Remove the wicked or they will pollute the Earth
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 In CA. apparently criminals are welcome and penalties for theft are weak. Considered a non violent crime...
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 @Beez177: if they steal from me and get caught I can assure you there will be plenty of slow painful violence
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 If only they had this service that you pay for monthly that reimburses you in the event that your possessions are lost. I bet that would help for things like this.
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 Sounds like a protection racket to me. I think some "gentleman" created a business model around this in the twenties and thirties that attracted a lot of federal attn.
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 Fuckin scum crooks
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