Video: Jesse Melamed POV Stage 2 - EWS Northstar 2019

Aug 24, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Jesse Melamed has been looking fast so far in practice, can he get a good result today despite still dealing with his injury from earlier in the season.


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 I really appreciate this coverage and Jesse's youtube channel. Quickly becoming one of my favorites and may be some of the best coverage of ews practice and races.
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 I'm glad you enjoy it! It's awesome to hear good feedback!
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 It's so inspiring to see how meticulous these riders are about their craft. Definitely has me wanting to get out and session the stuff I tend to just finagle through and call it "good enough".
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 Can't leave any stone unturned!
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 Question: when he's making little comments like "maybe go tight there" etc is that for notes when later watching his own POV footage, for us or just the same thing I do when riding along and admonishing myself?
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flag nvranka (Aug 24, 2019 at 10:18) (Below Threshold)
 It was an effort not to make a snarky comment...they’re notes for him dude.
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 It's just a reminder. So much of the practicing we do is on instinct and sometimes you do something and realize later when watching GoPro that it wasn't the intuitive line. So they are notes to check if that line works or not when re-watching. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't
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 @JesseMelamed: thanks for the insight. Next question: Do EWS racers have film rooms on par with the NFL?
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 @plyawn: When we all take out our computers to compare GoPro it kind of feels like it!
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 Sitting in my truck having a coffee watching this and out of breath.
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 Pretty awesome to see pros riding the same trails I've been riding for the last two decades. Gives new insights into line choices
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 Even the best pros in the world gasping for breath at altitude in Northstar. It wasn't just me. lol.
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 Altitude hurts!
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 @JesseMelamed: But damn is it good for you.
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 They routed them around Fabio falls!!
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 Is that the super gnarly steep rocky chute near the bottom of Karpiel?

I noticed that he went around it. I’m sad they won’t be hitting it, I wanted to see people hit the drop
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 @sdurant12: aka waterfall. The ews riders cant handle it
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 That tree stomp at 2:24 is absolute killer! I wonder how many will try to move it by hitting it with speed
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 Big enough to see and avoid!
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 Altitude without attitude
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 We want more Stephane P!

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