Video: Jesse Melamed POV Stage 2 - EWS Zermatt 2019

Sep 21, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Zermatt looks to be one of the most exciting venues this year with incredible views and plenty of tough challenges for the riders. Watch Jesse Melamed tackle stage 2 in practice.


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 I’m surprised how many riders don’t make a strong effort to move out of the trail when stopped. I understand that sometimes there’s a logjam, but some people with handlebars hanging into the line, etc.
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 If this is his first try I’m speechless. Flying!
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 Exactly what I was thinking.
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 @swellhunter: omg the people on the trail are being goobers - get offfffffffff the trail if youre not movvvvvvinggggggggggg derrrrr
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 Dudes a natural
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 Looks so damn chunky, with consequences.
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 My son just caught a bit of this - "dad is that you"?... sadly not son, my go pro videos look like they're in slo mo by comparison!
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 "That was exciting." he said. "Near death." was the deadpan reply. Those Photo Epics leave you thinking it would be hard to focus on the trail. Seeing these POV's reminds me how important it is to 'keep eyes on the road!'
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 If Jesse thinks the trail is hard to ride, I'd probably die. Such a ladies man...
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 I am impressed by his riding, but sad for the trails. This is massacre...
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 Dude is haulin some nuts! Wow love it.
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 Do his tires ever actually touch the ground in those fast/straight sections?
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 Magnificent Matterhorn Mobbing Melamed Matters!
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 There are some pedal and derailleur smashers on that trail!! It looks awesome.
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 do they ride these stages blind?
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 No, they get one practice run
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 Some riders walk the tracks before practice, Jesse doesn't, he does his practice runs blind (I think Martin does too) which is bonkers when you see how fast they go.

Some of his comments are notes to himself for when he watches the video.
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 Dude’s f*cked. I’m legitimately triggered after watching that
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 Richie's 38 will work good skipping through thoughts those roots & rocks?
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 ...a dream within a dream?
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