Video: Jesse Melamed Rides a Flat Out & Technical Stage from EWS Crans-Montana 2021

Sep 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Jesse Melamed takes a practice lap of one of the feature-rich stages for this weekend's racing in Crans-Montana.

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 Nicely taped… Smile would have been great to hear every word of lovely comment
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 Yes...lovely words for sure.
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 More over cooking than my wife’s meals
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 single-crown downhill racing.
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 So they are pretty much just racing the bike park on enduro bikes, with a few sections taped on the fields in between?
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 Yes... What should they just ride? There are some hidden trails but yeah, you know...
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 @Hamburgi: singletrail obviously. Switzerland is full of venues with extensive quality enduro trails.. racing on a bikepark should be very very low on the EWS's list of options
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 This is just one of 5 stages... they're not all bike park
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 Stage 4 is the secret one we get to do and that one is sick! It does seem like we're just racing bike parks this year though, besides Canazei which was fun.
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 @qualms23: seems like a good variety though .. I mean I didn't see a lot of big jumps in the last round
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 @JesseMelamed: Hopefully the mud and roots in the tweed valley will not be to bike park for you..
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 @mattg95: yeah it wasnt all bad, i guess im just myffed they choose to ride in crans montana, when the surrounding area has so much more to offer.. Zermatt, Saas fee, Leukerbad,Ovronnaz or even Visp would all be better choices for me within 1hours drive
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 @qualms23: Please no!
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 This year in EWS, watch the same race 2x, poor tape and everyone's favorite, fireroad, because nothing screams skill like pedaling up gravel Wink !

Was glad to see Jesse back on the podium and riding super strong!
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 Hhaha basically. Waiting for more old style.
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 @JesseMelamed: I thought the wooded sections looked gnarly, even on gopro!!
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 Stupid stage with stupid taping...hopefully the rest is better. The first stage last week was a joke as well...It looks like organisers of EWS really don't care.
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 Last week at least had nice long, round corners that you could see. These were just taped with zero foresight.
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 @JesseMelamed: True! I might have even had some fun on last weeks the mediocre rider I am Wink
This one though...even after 5+ rides I would still tear through the tape on every possible occasion.

Nonetheless: Good luck tomorrow, keep the old eyeballs up and have fun riding! I hope you are better at remembering the trails than I would be Big Grin
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 @ThrillPhil46: I'll do my best! Thanks!
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 i don't get all the 'only bike park comments' - looks pretty good to me. Remember - it's way different at the speeds these guys get up to.
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 Your breathing always seems extremely controlled in your race runs Jesse. Is that something you consciously do?

Good luck tomorrow!
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 Mad Skillz
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 Curious what the rule is with Enduro in regards to crossing tape? Not automatic DQ if you cross like DH, right?
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 pretty sure you can re- enter where you broke through....lot of dq on this course if not
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 Like they said below, you have to go back to where you broke the tape. So these would be super shitty to blow in the race because it would take a while to get back up there!
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 @JesseMelamed: looks like some loose corners and "interesting" tape. Cheering for you man!!
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 you´re french! you tell me
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 Corrr what a ripper!
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 Smooth as butter…….

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