Video: Jesse Melamed's 2nd Place Pro Stage POV from EWS Crans-Montana 2021

Sep 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Jesse Melamed shares his rapid 2nd place run on the Pro Stage from this week's EWS racing in Crans-Montana.

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 the best commentary, Jesse- " do you wanna watch me eat shit trying this line? " unknown voice- " I think Jack did it nicely," Jesse- " Well Jack does everything nicely alright, we can't all be like him."
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 Jack is a wizard on the bike!
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 Really enjoying these vids Jesse, experiencing your POV unfiltered. It’d be interesting to know more of how you’re breathing under such pressure, like how & where you seem to snatch moments to consciously expel breath . Is that something you train for, or are you just hanging on for dear life?
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 It is something I train for, just by creating a habit when I ride normally. So when I'm racing and can barely think straight, I subconsciously do it.
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 Hard to imagine that someone went even faster. Bad ass!
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 That's a long effort and listening to his breath later in the run was giving me anxiety that he'd hit a tree no seeing straight. Wow! effort. Would love to see the HRM #s
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 Check his Strava. He maxed out at 155bpm on todays stage,judging from his breathing I thought it would be more.
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 @nozes: That was just my watch heart rate so very inaccurate. I'm usually around 180bpm for race stages. Doesn't matter how physical they seem.
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 @JesseMelamed: Thanks for the reply and congrats on your 2nd place!
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 @nozes: thank you!
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 Killing it! Jesse and MGM alternative are the two best things on youtube!
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 Nice one - great lines… time to get in the first spot Wink
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 Slightly faster execution and I'm there!
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 @JesseMelamed: all the best for that! Counting on you! Smile
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 Well done Jesse! Finding the recipe to get up there with some incredibly stiff competition! I can't imagine what it's like to race that field...Those trails look mint! I wonder if the whole park is like that?
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 I don’t even know. I’m just trying to focus on myself!
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 Incomprehensible speed!
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 Sweet riding Jesse! What hand guards are those?
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 @Edurip: I'm sure he has the latest/greatest one, but he still out runs its capabilities!!!
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 Sendit_mtb.... I asked him via Instagram.
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 @RayDolor: Yeah, its the same problem with so many other riders/action sports go pro videos. Its like it can't keep up with the speed. Pretty bad.
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 Lookin' faaaaaaast!
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 Amazing speed! Is that why the go pro fotage keeps pixelated? Quite annoying to watch.
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 Flat out awesome footage!
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 Glad to watch this run instead of the two cheaters on the podium

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