Video: Jesse Melamed's POV from Stage 1 at EWS La Thuile 2021 Race 1

Jul 9, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Join Jesse Melamed as he takes on the first stage from the EWS La Thuile 2021 Race 1.


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 So awesome that Jesse and Moir are sharing their race runs. I know a lot of other pros keep this stuff very close to the vest, but it is awesome to see and actually even learn a thing or two about line selection, etc from watching these. Huge fan of both riders because of this and it also helps to set them up for life after racing as well which is a significant side benefit.
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 Best POV content around!
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 Awesome riding! That track looked challenging even without anything super technical, especially those momentum killing switchbacks.
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 Not even the worst switchbacks we've had either! Fun trail still!
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 My wife got me a Gopro for Christmas 2 years ago now.

After extensive analysis/comparison of my footage and Jesses...

I can say that the closest similarity between our riding styles, is the comments he(/you, I know you're reading these Jesse Big Grin ) makes from 3:21 - 3:25.

Great work out there Jesse, and good luck tomorrow!
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 The only similarities between Jesse's riding and mine is the huffing and puffing. I suspect there's a slight difference in fitness prep though (and definitely more than a slight difference in skill level too).

Love watching these POV videos.
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 Difficult lighting. Amazing to ride that fast through there!
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 It was super scary, I could see as much as you can on the GoPro, which isn't much. Just had to hope there wasn't anything slippery in the way.
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 Damn but that was a twisty section! If you couldn't see better than the GoPro, Jesse, I don't know how you stayed on the track!
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 Not to be too critical but it sounds like his breathing could be more efficient as some of that shallow breathing doesn't exchange oxygen very well and doesn't let you catch up so you stay gassed. Though I know when there is that much going on and you're constantly anaerobic it's easy to overlook.

Try actively pushing the air out and passively breathing in. When you focus on pushing air out you tend to get more out and then your body will automatically pull in as much as possible so you get more/better air exchange. I always try to exhale thru my mouth and then inhale thru nose as it helps to keep things controlled and a rhythmic pace instead of the quick hyperventilating type breathing.

I'm not riding pro so it's just a suggestion as he/you are obviously doing plenty right.

On a different topic, I hope those ribbon posts are really flexible because some of them look like they could be really dangerous if someone landed on one just wrong...
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 I knew someone was going to comment on this. Here is what I do, I ride a lot slower so that I don't get winded.
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 Lord in heaven that kid puts it all on the track......
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 That's racing!
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 @JesseMelamed: You sir are an animal! Love this raw race footage!

Kind of off topic. I'm primarily a moto guy and have raced enduros since before enduro in the MTB world came in. So i have to ask, why the hand guards? Is it for brush protection, to prevent lever/ control/ hand damage in a crash, to keep mud and water off grips? All or none of the above? Just curious.
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 Please give us a POV from stage 3. It sounds like it was the best one.
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 Super fast, but not the most technical stage.
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 Technical in a different way having to piece all those tight corners together.

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