Video: Jesse Melamed's POV from the Pro Stage at EWS La Thuile 2021 Race 2

Jul 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Join Jesse Melamed as he takes on the Pro Stage from the EWS La Thuile 2021 Race 2.


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 That was amazing, and so revealing in how hard they push. So brutal, so physical. Video makes everything look easier so that big rock garden would have made swap my chamois for a nappy (which is a 'pamper' in freedom units).

I was watching while standing and that stage was so long I had to switch the leg I was putting most of my weight on.

Love the cheering.
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 haha I love to hear it!
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 @JesseMelamed: dude. you are so fast its almost smooth. maybe just rent danny harts balls cause they are just a bit bigger. then just send the rock garden. no brakes required. hahah
keep it up and smooth is fast...
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 That rock garden though
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 Not getting any easier.
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 @JesseMelamed: How come Jack Moir videos sounds like he is breathing way less?
Doing good though Jesse keep it up !
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 @aljoburr: Australians breath through their a*sholes, everything's upside down there
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 Yeah dude, that made me gasp! Your line needs to be 100% dialed at that speed holy f*ck
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 I know right… holy smokes
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 @aljoburr: maybe Jack's on the wim Hoff. I always put 20-30 full breathes in before I hammer a big lap out. It makes a pretty dramatic difference when your entire body is oxygenated better. Still get the "can't swallow, can't spit" throat issue. Jesse, give it a go if you don't already do it.
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I think it’s the gopro placement that makes Jesse sound like he’s breathing harder. Jesse has his mounted under the peak. Jacks is on top of the helmet.
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 @aljoburr: Probably the camera placement. I think Jesse has it in the chinbar while Moir has it above the sun shade
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 Jack Moir seems to have footage of the Pro Stange online too. Maybe one could put these next to each other and actually find 4 of the 5 seconds.
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 Tha would be cool to see side by side synched
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 @Zayphod: you can see how much longer Jack was pedaling on the first straight. Looks like he is about a second ahead just from that.
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 I can't help you find five seconds, but you could definitely lose at least five more seconds listening to anything I said. Amazing stuff on this run. The ability to maintain motor control when your body is that pinned is just insane.
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 @JesseMelamed: How does that rock garden compare to the rock gardens you guys hit at EWS Northstar, CA? It looked gnarly AF so im trying to put it in context with stuff that we ride in Tahoe.

Great race man! stoked to see you staying consistent at the top!
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 Great video. Show how on the limit you guys are. The speed you can ride in that dappled light is insane.
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 If I would’ve watched this before seeing the results I would’ve said this is the winning run; I just can't imagine anybody riding that any faster.
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 5 seconds sounds like a lot but it's about 2% of the overall stage time if my maths is right.

2% quicker in each corner might feel a bit more achievable than aiming at the overall time, no?
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 Just even 1% quicker everywhere would be nice.
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 @JesseMelamed: The speed you hit that rock garden near the end was nuts! Fantastic riding man..
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 @JesseMelamed: Send it, Jesse. You're flying either way.
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 I think the answer is to either be a genetically gifted top 10 DH racer with go-go gadget limbs or um you know.... something about several pots of pills before the stage and water bottles.

Keep at it! You are remarkably consistent Jesse and the margins in your game are tiny. Your time will come Smile
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 @BeardlessMarinRider: you figure a bunch of laxative at the beginning will make them get down the hill faster to the toilet? If it goes wrong thing of the poor spectators.......
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 @onemind123: you may well joke but I know elite guys who take laxatives to completely flush themselves out and reduce any extra weight
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 Great riding Jesse, very impressive.
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 Jesse you’re a fast Mf man I swear
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 Thanks Jesse for this vid, that was tight. Respect !
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 Those hand guards remind me of old school Pastrana
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 Great riding! The rock garden section was soo cool!
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 Wow, insane course and run!
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 Jesse, you floated like a butterfly through that rock garden! Way to go!
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 Nice one man. Putting down the hammer.
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 That tech section was rad.
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 3:56 insane. Imagine committing to what occurs at 3:59
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 Jesse our hero - impressive runs, always pedal to the metal
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 4 minutes in and pinned through the rocks… that’s ridiculous
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 I liked all the uphills and pedaling.
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