Video: Jibs, Whips & Loose Riding in Josh Lewis' 2020 Mixtape

Jan 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA mashup of phone ones and camera ones from 2020. 50to01 TV


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 No music, just the sound of bikes and joy, along with straight up sick riding. Perfect.
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 I definitely can appreciate the raw footage, but personally I have always thought of song choice as a super interesting and important detail that can really improve (or ruin) a video. I’d be sad to see to big a move away from music in edits. (Also I love to steal great songs for my bike/ski playlists from these videos and scraping noises won’t cut it)
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 @bike-lair: Still Young by Cat Empire (used in unREAL*) gets me excited to go ride my bike every time i hear it.

Similarly, if i'm fortunate to have a snow holiday lined up, i like to listen to a playlist heavily borrowed from The Art Of Flight. Especially if i'm listening to it in the gym trying to up my fitness/leg strength ready for a week of riding.

*The Cat Empire segment is my all-time favourite clip of mountain biking. Really captures the sensation of just hammering a trail for fun (or what i imagine hammering a trail at that speed feels like, since i don't get anywhere close). Something about it grabs me mkre than anything else i've seen.
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 @bike-lair: music is stoopid, good bike riding doesn't need an accompaniment.
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 Except for the crashing(which I do very well) my Santa Cruz doesn't do those things. I must have bought the wrong one or mine is defective. I'm gonna call customer service.
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 You just need to rig it up with a free coaster, clearly! That turns it into a jib machine (just kidding, though what he does with a free coaster is pretty awesome).
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 Really great! Glad to see Josh and Craig putting out some stuff while I know they're busy with building out 50to01 as a bigger brand/entity.

Seems that Ratboy has just dropped off the face of the earth, though. Not sure the move to Cannondale was really a great one for him. That being said, Max/3dumb has remained active since moving to Cannondale... but not so much Bryceland.
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 Bryceland is too busy worrying spreading anti vax nonsense. Unfollow that dummy.
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 Maybe you should subscribe to 50to01 TV?? Josh is in so many of their recent videos. Most recently on Dec. 7th. Definitely not "dropped off the face of the earth."
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 Well that made me want to go ride my bike..not go to work.
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 *not stay at work
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 fifty reasons to go for a ride
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 A ton of skill there but............ We need an unofficial jib championship to crown a real winner. My money will be on a someone from the UK.
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 Jibs for days and sooo much style
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 Which pants is he wearing?
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 Best 2020 edit —> 50to01

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