Video: Joe Barnes Builds & Rides an Incredibly Tight Trail

Mar 4, 2021
by Joe Barnes  

Joe Barnes cracks out a fresh mattock and sets about building a new section for his next trail project. This one snakes through a tight set of woods and requires a few pivot turns and tree rides. Keep an eye out for how the rest of the trail build goes and all Joe's happenings in his new 2021 video series.


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 Now this is real mountain biking. You actually need to think your way down the hill and prioritise line selection.

Will take this over flow trails and bike-parked-out smooth rubbish any day. #noblueflow
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flag mariomtblt (Mar 4, 2021 at 16:43) (Below Threshold)
 imagine gatekeeping biking to the point where you have to begin as an expert. lmao what a clown you are
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 @mariomtblt: I know right? Him having a different opinion about what he likes, I’m offended, Where’s my safe space.
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 @mariomtblt: Excellent point. Me and my buddies recently started blue-flow-basketball. 5ft hoops. 3ft wide rings. No dribbling. So much better for beginners, way more inclusive for everyone! I’ve started modifying all the courts in our neighbourhood!
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 You're on notice!
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 Yes. Please no more videos of eyecandy Murmelbahn shredding and more anarchic Barnes content on slower oldschool trails. Proper trailbuilding aint gatekeeping
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flag mariomtblt (Mar 4, 2021 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 @Linc: ha you guys are hilarious, ever seen a kids hoop you kook? How do you think the pros get started? Straight clowns up in here today
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 I thought I could ride a bike then moved to Scotland. Az desert to steep muck.
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 That's just a hoe. Not a mattock.
Mattock is like a pick axe with a with a different pick. A mattock is a double sided tool that has a hoe-ish end then a almost-broad-enough-to-be-an-axe-but-not-quite end.

I feel like mattock gets thrown around all the time as the name for other tools. I like the rogue hoe mini mcleod alot. Don't see myself using a mattock for anything. Maybe very rocky terrain? I have a pulaski (which has been dubbed a "landscapers axe" by home depot) that I think serves the same purpose as a true mattock...

Make tool names accurate again!

PS end rant. sick video. Joe you are boss! time to shut up and dig.
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 Sick Video, flawless riding, brilliant soundtrack. Rainy day is saved....
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 Pulaski is weak sauce for trailbuilding. Almost never need the full size axe head, and it’s too light with too small a hoe head. I have built several trails nearly exclusively with a mattock and chainsaw. Fiberglass handle and just leave them on the trail forever.
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 @bradwalton: Agree to disagree. I think tool for the job always depends on the terrain. I respect you. You have been on the scene for longer than I, and shot some f*cken sick footy.

I like the full size axe head for whacking limbs that mess with line of sight. I've never duffed trail with the "non-axe" side of the pulaski (quotes b/c idk wtf to call that end - mini hoe?); I just use it for moving rocky stuff normally. For me the pulaski is a tool for chopping limbs and roots while not getting the saw out/dirty, but also useful for breaking stuff free in a dirt pit. I've worked a fait bit of terrain (albeit only in WA and BC) and never felt like I wanted a true mattock...

all good either way. gotta use what works I reckon.
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 Be careful with the h word, I saw a Facebook gardening group which had to ask their members to stop using it as Facebook kept censoring it!
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 @Mattgc: Censoring algorithms can be hilarious. Bad luck to anyone on here who lives in Sc*nthorpe.
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 @Mattgc: Using the h word on IG gets blocked and google generally not a fan
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 Choose a tool and be a dick about it
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 @dglass: certainly where I've been digging in Squamish there are too many small roots in the dirt (if I can find any decent dirt....) to use a mattock effectively. One needs to cut through the roots so for a combination of digging and cutting I find a Pulaski works perfectly. I've got Mcleod too but again there's just not enough dirt to use it in a practical manner. If I was in Kamloops for example I'd probably be using different tools.
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 @wallheater: Yeah gotta find the right tool for the terrain! I used to dig in squamish and it was usually a PITA to find dirt.
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 @EricHarger: Me too! That's my all-time favorite tool. So versatile. I've broken the head off mine twice.
I like the one with the longest fiberglass handle.
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 i love to watch Joe´s videos every time
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 Dear @Hazzard-Racing,

your videos never cease to amaze me in their simplicity, comedy and you still manage to show some serious MTB skills! I am deeply impressed and amazed each time I come across one of your productions. Please never stop!

Also, I quite like how you always make so much out of so little (especially in terms of trail building), one can only learn from your creativity and general contentment!

PS: musical selection just on point, as usual. I was wondering where you get all these utterly interesting tunes from, as you don't strike me as the dude who uses Spotify much, do you?
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 Thanks a lot dear stonerz94, I just keep an ear out and if I hear a tune i like I then I match an emotion to it and then see at what point or what vibe it would fit into for a film. Part of film making I really enjoy matching together. I never used to use spotify but then I lost my laptop with all my music on and had to start from scratch a couple of years back. So now I dabble on it as its so quick to get to what you want to hear.
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 ... and that is why I am gonna rebuild my 27.5 bike with some short travel, I totally wanna play in the dirt like Joe!

Pivot turns and wheelie turns, awesome!

So what was he drinking outta that can?

Spam, potatoes, and peas for dinner, mmmmmm
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 Looked like a tin of custard?
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 i am going back to26" LOL
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 Rice pudding - Super pre-ride carbs! And it was fish fingers, not spam. Joe Barnes is by this point approximately 68% fish finger himself.
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 @hamplanet: We've got ourselves a champion food-spotter here. Quite the eye you've got there. I would even go as far as saying a bird's eye
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 Looks he´s vegan. Inspiring.
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 @browner: Ambrosia creamed rice I thought?
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 More Hazzardous fun, more gold in the pan!
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 Tight AF! Thanks for all the goodness,Joe!
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 The only easy thing he did in that video was get on the bike. I was blown away with his skills.
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 Oh, it says trail not tail. My bad.
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 masterpiece of the tight!
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 Trials boots for trail building in the mud, thats a new one for me. Sweet vid.
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 I go for a Wes Anderson film now - somehow.
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 He should be sponsored by Whirlpool washing machines.
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 Eddy Grant/Barrington Levy! Killer vid!
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 Great job getting that Barrington Levy in there. Much appreciated
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 Pacewon Any Champion...Top Track using that Black Roses Sample
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 sooooo tight.
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 needs to be a bit more flowy ..
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 Joe Barnes is cool.
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 Ditch whore
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 The trails look good, but filming makes me motion sick.
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