Video: Joe Barnes Gets Sideways in Highland Loam

Mar 18, 2021
by Joe Barnes  

Joe and his mate Ferg live on a highland housing estate in Scotland and behind the houses is a prime piece of land for a wee rut track. Spring is the time to choose the line and get it tested ready for the summer evening rides to roll in. Here we have a build and ride video of the boys in action.


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 Joe is class as always, but that backdrop is stunning!
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 Yeah looks like a great place to live.
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 @TobiasHandcock: All I really want out of life is to find my Joe Barnes vibe and go with it.
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 beside really funny and original videos... always nice music !!!!
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 *goes straight to bracken field to make spring time teeeerns!!
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 Joe Barnes can really ride a bike!
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 I really love Joe Barne's videos and Joe Barnes himself but why doesn't he use any proper tyres to do such things?
I've recently discovered how the Schwalbe's Dirty Dan does grips in loamy/slippery conditions. This tyre is really unbeatable to push the limits in such cases... unless you like to mess it up on purpose Wink
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 Hey Chief. I have got some Dirty Dan tyres on the bike at the moment. I cut the nobs down a little bit so they pedal about a bit better and you can also ride on hard pack as well. For loam and mud there is no other tyre.
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 @Hazzard-Racing: OK Camarade. I couldn't see it, you're riding too fast Wink
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 Why is it called the Highlands when it is just above sea level?
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 The highlands are up north - north is higher right....?
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 Maybe because the highest point in the UK comes straight out that sea loch.
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 @frasermcneil: So the low part of the highlands then?
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 Mustapha dance, absolute banger!
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 Top Chief is back!! Love the came from bike wash man too.
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 It wasn't going to take him long. Not washing a bike this time though!
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 BrĂ ighe Loch Iall.
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 I've got to build me a trail like that! :-)
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 Joe always with the brilliant reminders to keep it loose squiggly ripping!

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