Video: Joe Barnes' New Bike Passes the Sloppy Rut Test

Oct 8, 2019
by Joe Barnes  

Joe builds up his Orange Five in the Hazzard Racing dreamy build spec. This thing hooks UK hand built trails like no other!

New Five


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 Joe Barnes is a bad Mofo!
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 Love orange trail bikes,not keen on their dh bikes but the 5,stage 5/6 and alpine are just very fast bikes. I’ve got a yt Capra 2018 model and I’ve just built a 2014 5 up and I’m loving the 5. So much so the Capra is gathering dust. I’ve been very impressed with its capabilities and I’m loving how direct it is. I’d tell anyone to give them a try. You’ll be surprised. As for noise! With a clutch mech and a narrow wide chainring it’s silent over all terrain.
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 Only clicked what the original song was half way through. Belter.
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 haha same here but great version of gin and juice
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 I really wish there were more single pivot bikes. They are great for trail riding, as the anti squat changes quite a bit depending on what gear you are in, which makes a lot more sense than having adjustable compression, and the simplicity, robustness, and stiffness of a larger main pivot are all pluses.
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 Was expecting see the usual raft of comments slating Orange Bikes, but for a change, most are complimentary.

Joe always looks at home on an Orange, which as an Orange owner since 2011, I can fully appreciate. Two Fives, now an Alpine 6 and a 324...…
Why would I want to ride any other bike?
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 Cue the preemptive cue comment...

And yes, I always appreciate an opportunity to use the traditional and wonderfully descriptive phrase "sounds like a skeleton beating off in a biscuit tin"
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 Cue the "Orange is too ugly, loud, expensive, etc."
Cue the "Then don't buy one."
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 Finally. A proper mountain bike promo edit.
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 does anyone else think orange should make a hazzard racing edition of the alpine and/or the five
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 I like a nice sloppy rut.
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 I was not aware you could even ride a bike with a 74 degree seat tube now... Great stuff as usual from Joe..
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 What a badass- humble and real! I dig your style Joe! Keep ripping that Orange!!
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 Pure good times vibes as ever!
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 The level of his clipped in confidence in slick conditions is always inspiering -keep it up
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 Love me some bluegrass Gin 'n' Juice! As for the headset bearing install... If it works it works!
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 Great riding great song
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 Looks like the trails at Aberfoyle.
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 It felt like Aberfoyle was rockier and steeper when I was there, but that might have all been in my head cause I was on my limit !?!
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 @scoobaru: Think the camera plays down how steep trails are. Aberfoyle felt ridiculously steep in places and I was definitely on my limit. At the same time, my young son was riding it like it was flat...
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 Joe is an interesting individual, his vids and riding are rad.
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 *Bike mechanics around the world cringe at headset installation.
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 I’ve been putting headsets in that way for 25 years without a problem.
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 good clean fun
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 My Orange Five frame 2019 is for sale on pinkbike if you re interested!
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