Video: Joe Barnes Rides Loamy Turns on the New Orange Alpine Evo

Aug 9, 2021
by Joe Barnes  

Joe Barnes rides some damp loamy turns on his new Orange Bikes Alpine Evo.

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 This bike really a-peels to me, I think I could smash plenty of segments on it. Unlike some, I don't think they are taking the pith with their pricing, after all Oranges don't grow on trees. Oh, wait....
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 I’d say this is as good as the iPhone 12 but I’ve been told not to compare apples to oranges.
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 I really love Joe's (& Crew) videos ... they get my psyched to ride every time. Even if it's sloppy out there, one dose of "8 wild terns" does the trick.
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 I totally agree. The fun-having in these videos are unmatched. The hazard crew gets it.
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 them oranges must be sprayed with heavy chemicals. they look the same after all these years.
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 Bit early for Dad jokes.
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: Even in NZ.
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 Great riding, even greater choice of silly music!
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 I wish I could change direction half as fast as that!
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 Joe could even corner on an apple Smile
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 I am always in awe of Joe's cornering skill and style. It's a beautiful thing to watch!
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 If Orange would have a water bottle mount inside the front triangle, I seriously consider one. I've liked single-pivot bikes for years and Orange has taken the design to apex.
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 Should have called it the 'Schralpine Evo'
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 Joe's control of his bike is legendary.
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 Mint....corner slapping goodness
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 I miss winter so much. This is the second week that riding is not allowed on the mountains
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 Hope that situation gets sorted out quickly for you mate
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 I'm here for the welding filing cabinets advice.
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 joe barnes and orange is like a peanut butter n jelly sandwich
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 Great to see these throw back videos of fast guys riding old bikes... Takes me back to 2004. Love it!
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 Music Sounds like a 70s biscuit ad
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 1980's movie theme song.
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: Karate Kid Part 2.
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 Consistent with their old design philosophy
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 That could be the most appropriate -Take that haters!- music score of any edit.
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 not gonna lie I saw the thumbnail for this article and thought it was that wooden bike from a few weeks back
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 Loam (/lōm/): a soil with roughly equal proportions of sand, silt, and clay.
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 That salute to the birds at the end
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 orange should play brendog rippin in earthed once and once again, bikes look the same, and riding dont get any better.
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 Is it just me or do other people find bike release videos unfulfilling and lacking context without any story line?
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 The original rut wrangler
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 I turned on the sound just to see if I could hear orange’s patented skeletons having sex inside an oil drum sound..
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 Biscuit tin mate, biscuit tin.
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 Now imagine how fast he would be on a real bike
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Joe rode for Canyon for a few years.
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 @betsie: I know, i dont know why he would switch
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 Is it new old stock...
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