Video: Joe Breeden Chases Sick Mick Down the Lenzerheide World Cup DH Course

Sep 2, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWatch Joe Breeden follow Sick Mick down the fast, open World cup DH track in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. UR Team


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 Dear DH gods, I want to see sick mick podium. Thanks
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 yeah, lots of lines alright and, I always forget that this course breaks up the riders momentum in alot of ways. a wrong line choice could mean having to throw down short pedal bursts to capture time lost. and ...if it rains?....theres gonna be some slog sections. the soil appears to have some clay in it. any locals know the soil type on this course?
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 Bernard says it seems to be some type of clay and it indeed gets awful in the wet. Heavy, caked tires with greasy slickness once you break through it. And considering it has at least one or two awkward natural drops near corners... Would be a massive issue
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 I guess that answers the question if the inside lines are faster or not
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 I think this was first run for Joe at least, maybe even Mick. Give them some time to figure out the lines and then we can judge. Or rather, let Cathro tell us.
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 Mik sure had a few sneak routes in there, especially up top in the grass. I imagine, it'll be a different story once they get up to speed.
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 Times might be tight for a good race, but it doesn't look very interesting. Pretty shit to be honest. A couple diving boards and that stupid trick jump on the bridge, all which will go unused during the race runs.
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 reminds me of Sam Hill's reason for leaving downhill
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 Looked like it had lots of line choice, slick rocks, steep sections, rocks, roots, tight sections, wide sections, natural doubles, triples, drops, man made jumps, a couple of board walks, grass if you wanted it, hard pack. Yup, sounds pretty crap for a race track. I have to agree.
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 @betsie: I don’t know what it is, but none of the riders like it. The wyn tv interviews’s answers are terrible from that point of view. No one seems to be excited about it!
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 @betsie: Just plopping all those things on the side of a hill doesn't make a great track. Linking them together, ensuring you have difficult but not unnecessarily awkward sections, allowing riders to actually maintain speed if they ride it well rather than forcing a stop start stop start kind of riding. There is a lot that goes into building a great track that has all the elements you mention and has a sensible flow to it.
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 Well plenty of line choice, but which will be faster in the rain?
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 there ist no rain on sunday....
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 @miksick: But DH race is on Saturday!
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 @aljoburr: not even on saturday
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 gotta love the dry conditions...probably won't last.
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