Video: Joel Anderson Hits a Field Full of Big Jumps on his eMTB

Dec 16, 2019
by SpecializedUK  

It's simple, really. Joel gave us a call and said he found a field, wanted to build some jumps and knew a bloke who builds pumptracks for a living (Rob Wareham). Countless cups of tea and KFC's later, we made a video. Enjoy!

Videographer: Andrew Richardson
Drone pilot: Tony Marchant
Photographer: Ian Lean


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 Doing an ET on an e-bike? Wasting electricity, think of the polar bears!
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 I'll be honest. I'm a bit disappointed. Not because the video isn't cool or because Joel isn't a talented guy. He has a nice style and flow. That part was great.

It looked to me like you could ride those nicely build, slightly downhill style jumps on a regular bike.

Here I was hoping for e-bike content that differentiated itself by having a flat jumpline or something similar. Like "hey look, we built this awesome track in a flat field. On a normal bike, you'd never have the speed. but on the Turbo Levo? Forget about it! No problem!" I wanna see e-bike content that is awesome but showcases how they are unique. Give me a freeride edit with only climbing footage. Show me a 'downhill' style track that is super high speed but is actually flat. This tech is cool, so let's feature what it can actually do. Not what a stupid-talented rider can do on any bike.
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 Funny I thought “there’s no way that dude could keep the speed up in those bermed out transitions without speed assist.”
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 I guess the issue here is that ebikes cut off at 25 kph, which is not that fast for a nice edit. Maybe some creative uphill freeride stuff would be cool...
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 @Caiokv: E bikes in NZ cut off at 32kph..
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 I’ll be honest: fantastic trail and fantastic skills, but he looked like a fly with tons of potential that is covered in poop. That bike’s heavy and it apparent as hell.
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 @preach: but he doesn’t pedal. “Assist,” right?
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 Agreed on the flat dh track thing. There's a ridge I ride (only on an ebike now), with an absolutely heinous climb up, but I always tell people the real cake and ice cream is hitting the flatish, rocky gnar at the top of the ridge going 10mph instead of 4.
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 He has to pedal to get assist. There is no throttle. Also the assist cuts off after a certain speed. There's no benefit to an e bike on a jump track other than you can get back up to the top and do it again.
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 A freeride edit without freeride, only climbing. Brilliant! Flat DH with out DH,, even better. Show us schmuck, instead of a talented rider. Great ideas! I'd love to hire you for making the worst bike video ever.
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 @slayerdegnar: e-bike madness is no excuse for e-bike rudeness.
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 @Healelw1: that's actually pretty cool
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flag chrisrut (Dec 16, 2019 at 20:57) (Below Threshold)
 should just buy a dirt bike
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 I think you may be missing the point, and misunderstand how e-bikes work. You have to pedal to get pedal-assist, as all standard e-bikes are in Europe. That assist also cuts out at 25km/h which is not even close to the speed he's going here. As others have said, there's no throttle on an e-bike!

The point in this video is to be a rad riding video regardless of the bike, showing it can still be thrown around a bit. Joel is a mate of mine and a sick f*cking rider, but he's also small so what he's doing here on an e-bike is pretty f*cking sick.

The idea of a free-ride video with only climbing may be the worst idea for a MTB video I've ever heard, with respect. Thats not a free ride video is it?
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 That's kinda exactly the point.
He made that PIG dance.

My DH bike is 40# & my ebike is 51#. That 11# makes a LOT of difference; it feels like a wallowing pig in the air. The weight is also forward of the bottom bracket, making understeer a real problem if you're not paying attention. So cutties/carving is trickier. Etc.

So for me- he basically makes that bike act like a NON ebike, & that's Gold.
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 > There's no benefit to an e bike on a jump track other than you can get back up to the top and do it again

poakes: But that's kinda exactly the point: you get to do TONS more laps. I call my ebike a 'portable chairlift', & that's what i use it for.

But it would all be moot if the bike couldn't handle the track, but clearly it can...
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 I guess what they were trying to get across was that you can do it on an e-bike but also that he did some of the jumps backwards or the wrong way around
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 @Healelw1: thanks LTSA NZ. Saw a dude whizz past my house the other day on a Trek Powerfly, he was probably doing at least 60 kph lol.
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 @taijidave: You get used to it after a couple rides, look what a moto guy can do. buck up big guy.
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 So much haters on this comments. People complain and talk when most of them have even tried a eMtb, once they try it they change mind but think before you write. Emtb's are only bikes with assistance no motorcycles so why you want it to see it pedaling on a flat land? You don't buy a mtb to ride only on the flats or do you? Just live and let live people, stop the hate and embrace the new technology like you embraced any new suspension or the change between carbon fiber and aluminum , 29 vx 26 vs 27.5 it's just something new and pretty fun. No everyone is just about racing, actually the main point is just have fun.
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 Damn my fumbling fingers, I meant to give you +props not negative ones. Apologies! Whole heartedly agree with you view on this, what I would say is that the vitriol that was on the costal crews Skeptical vid seems absent..... progress eh?
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 Just embrace it like you did with different wheel sizes he said...

You must be new to this comment section Wink
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 This. I parallel the mountain biking community with the programming community. Ebikes are the Python programming language, easier, quicker, geared towards beginners and non technical people, but still programming none the less. It's just a different tool for the job. Sure people who code poke fun at Python, but its all in satire. It opens up the activity/community to more people. Its really sad how unhealthy mtb community is when I look around at other communities I'm part of.
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 I don't think haters is the correct term for the type of comments you can read on here. I think folk just get weary of the bike industry in particular constantly trying to (excuse the pun) re invent the wheel via these kind of ads / videos for e bikes. Personally I think there may well be a place for an e bike for those that genuinely require one, but when they are represented like this video, I'm like, yeah, I'd rather watch Brandon Semenuk fix a flat than some rich kid whizzing about in the mud with all the elegance of a pregnant bat.
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 @Uncled: boost spacing for example... yes we can be skeptical when it benefits a few companies and forces us to buy new stuff. Still slightly angry with all the wasted wheels I have. Ebikes are quite different, a lot of the haters are now shutting up because they actually rode one and... enjoyed it. Videos like this I think are good. Shows what an ebike can do with a pro rider...
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 Sick riding! The only part of the video that the electric motor is even working is when he's pedaling into the line. It's a standard bike once he's hitting the jumps. The bonus is that he can rip back up to the top and do it again. All the haters in the comments make it obvious they don't know shit about e-bikes. They'll also passive-aggressively express their opinions with negative props because "ebikes bad"
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 The point of these videos is to show that e-bikes are not just for climbing hills easier and they are actually equally capable as normal mountain bikes for hitting downhills, jumps berms etc.
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 Such a sick line of jumps. Dude is flowing.
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 Should've emphasised the benefit of the Ebike being he can quickly and effortlessly pedal multi laps on that jump line, on a dual crown bike. How many laps could he pull with the E vs a Demo or whatever the natural version of that Ebike is?
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flag SPKeen (Dec 16, 2019 at 20:51) (Below Threshold)
 You're right, everyone is entitled to everything now. No one should have to earn anything, especially their turns.
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 @SPKeen: So everyone who ski's should skin to the top? Earn your turns right? Get that elitist BS out of here. Dude is ripping and having fun, something you probably know nothing about.
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 I think a lot of people rag on ebikes because they cannot afford one in conjunction with their 2-4 other bikes, but they do want to secretly. It’s like the “you’re leaving me!? No! I’m leaving you” kind of mentality! Then that person tries to dig up as much dirt on the person that they wish they could have. What’s that called in psychology?
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 narcisistic sociopath
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 @DDoc: Its also just a logical fallacy, or cognitive dissonance. The reason is this: Person about to drive to the trails to ride their bike thinks to themselves... "Bikes are good, I like bikes. Motors are good, I like motors. Bikes with motors are bad, I hate E-bikes."
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 Remember 4 years ago when every manufacturer was like "Don't hate on e-bikes, they're just there for folks who need a little extra help getting up the hill, they're not here for DH or jumps or anything...."
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 Not a word about how one of the most popular parts of one of the most popular riding destinations on the east coast (kingdom trails) was closed due to ebikes poaching the trails and being douches to people on horses. But the hype train rolls on.
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 I think the douches would behave the same regardless of what bike they were riding.
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 All bikers are a "danger" to horse riders.
We know that and we always slow down and stop, talk to the horse rider and we pass very carefully.
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 That whoop section was badass
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 Dude rips and has great style! That line looks like so much fun
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 DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! That was hot as hell - great job - the moto whoops got me tingly too. EBikes are here - get over yourself!!!
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 Anyone who has ridden an class 1 ebike on somewhat flat jumps knows that the governor must be off. unless its a true downhill run the bike will not feel wonky with the support cutting in and out all the time. if the jumps are on private land then it doesnt matter legally anyway. me and my ebike buddies got rid of the boot and never looked back. the extra few mph that is needed to match std MTB gearing is not worth worrying about.
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 whats the point of an ebike if you never pedal once in the whole video
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 Guys, guys, the video was designed to sell a bike. Wait, who makes that bike?

I was mostly focused on the fork, nice Boxxer with a polished crown, looks so svelte Smile
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 Stop trying to make fetch happen!!
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 Was it just me or does that sound like a tank when it lands?
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 It’s heavy alright.
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 The Pinner is one of my favourite clips ever ( besides the one with Aidra Fox but thats another story) -this looks like a waste of talent.
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 But I'm talking about heavy bikes, sir. This is heavy bike! Fender Roads is a... I'm a goddamn American icon!
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 Pinkbike is my eBike. I wanna see some FridE Fails, gettin' all clocked in the head with that down tube.
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 Nice work lads!!
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 Nice one Joel
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 was that woody's bike park of cornwall?
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 I am not an ebike hater, i proudly own a pivot shuttle, but i dont understand why he is on an ebike here? Waste of that line
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 nice edit would have faved if it wasn't an ebike
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 Another Nope.
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