Video: Joel Anderson's Rapid Riding Tour of the Southwest of England

Sep 25, 2021
by melonoptics  

Joel Anderson and Tommy C are back together to do what they do best - film Joel going real damn fast!

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 And that Saxophonist whahoo Lalarrerererrr bipitybipbop reerrareeer Anyway Joel rips as well !
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 Not really a tour of the SW was it? But hey, the title got me watching it anyway!
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 Hmm, very much the NE corner of the SW, but the riding is still good
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 Really? Granted they are not Cornwall but K-hole is defo Devon and the rest were north west scumerset.
I went in thinking it would be like Bath or Gloucester! At least its west of Brizal Smile
Nice to see Triscombe. I thought that was wrecked.
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 yeah,… smiles & steeze…along with a change of horses…really liked that!
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 Carpet remnant world
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 Why is choking up on your bars only a thing in DJ and BMX?
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 I do it occasionally on my hardtail with my left hand, I think it just happens sometimes because you’re less focused on braking and often don’t have two brakes, so your hand has a little more freedom to move. Also if you’ve taken the hands off the bars, sometimes you end up grabbing closer towards the stem when you re-grip.
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 Because u run brake less or with one brake that you use sometime
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 Joel is a rad rider.
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