Video: Joel Ducrot Out for a Rip on his Ransom

Feb 13, 2020
by SCOTT Sports  

This time of year, we're just happy to go out for a rip. RIde along with Joel Ducrot aboard his Ransom.

Video: Max Berkowitz


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 I just purchase one of these.

Coming from a Transition Sentinel. The bike looks very well engineered close up. The very progressive suspension leverage ratio, plus the flip chip option looked great on paper. But having some very fast friends on them, always speaking highly of the ride qualities at race speed, had me sold.

I do however believe they let the XC engineering team design the dropper/shock/fork switch levers, which is a complete fail in ergonomics and ride-ability. Ive removed the fork lock out already, an move the shock lever tower inboard 5cm. Fitting a wolf tooth dropper lever, for the seat.

Ive only done light xc rides on it so far, due to rider injury. But the shock travel adjust idea works well on fire road climbs. Scott just need to design a better shock lever system, maybe off the bars, & down near the water bottles extra 3rd bolt.
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 Would be a nice bike if they didn't put all kinds of proprietary shit on it.
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 I challenge you to name 3 parts that are mission critical that are proprietary. Anything on this bike that you dont like can be changed out with standard crap.
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 @thedirtyburritto: Non adjustable bars, propriety rear shock and fork valving and twin loc system. Yes they can be swapped out but at a very steep expense. Just give us industry standard bits and it's a killer bike. Mission critical would be shit wheels but it would be cheaper to swap out wheels than the list above so it's just poor parts selection imho.

Most of their sponsored riders swap these parts out so that tells you they shouldn't be there in the first place and it doesn't look like Joel is running twin loc in the video either
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 @treggs: if you don t like it don t buy it.....once again everything can be change without very steep expense... and by the way if you buy the most expensive ransom i suppose that you have some money for those change.....
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 @Daddybear: I wont be but if it had less proprietry parts it would be on my next bike list. I quite like what they have done otherwise and I think hat was @YanDoroshenko's point.
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 Have you guys tried one of these? They're insane bikes straight out of the box! I've tried different suspension setups including coil shocks and grip2. The setup that comes with the bike is still one of my favorites. Don't knock it before you try it...
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 @d-jo: Ya, no kidding. You can sure see how that twin loc was holding him back lol!
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 Cool to watch a Scott video and not feel like I was being electrocuted. Cool trails and good riding
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 @Yan Have you tried one of these bikes with On-theFly bike transforming capabilities? Most people aren't looking at their bars while riding. Great machines.
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 I've been listening to a lot of psy chill and ambient music while revising recently, and been thinking it could make a decent back track for a bike vid- looks like I wasn't the only one Smile
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 Wow, those trails....
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 That was awesome!!
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 Just out for a rip are ya bud?
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 Good to see you out ripping still Joel keep up the good work ????
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 And that´s what happened in the video. I can´t see the cable to the fork, seems like the rider changed the fork.
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 He isn't even running the twin loc system...kind of speaks for itself, doesnt it?
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 So rad. Rain, silence and two wheels blasting along the dirt. Winter is sick
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 love the renthal kevlar push ons
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 Horrible fake sound ughh
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 Like seriously, there are so many edits now where the sound is just faked. I really despise this trend...
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 Don't quote me on that but i'm pretty sure Max worked with the real audio for the most part...
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 @d-jo: Yeah, I can confirm that! Audio isn't dubbed in. I think what you're hearing as "fake" is some of the sound design elements and music, all the bike noise is real. Totally a personal taste though, respect the opinion.
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 @MaxBerkowitz: He's BACK! Thought we lost you to the world's greatest game.
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 yeah they clearly show how riders actually make raw videos in this video:

All fake

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