Video: Joey Gough's Big Sends from Audi Nines 2021

Oct 5, 2021
by missjoeygough  

As a 40 year old with a desk job, I wasn’t sure what to think when I got invited to be one of the first 9 women at Audi Nines. Perhaps a few years ago before Covid stopped me seeking out so many adrenaline hits and made me forget the few tricks in my bag, I would’ve had more belief in my inclusion!

I had to go though, if you don't go you never know. Anxiety ran pretty wild until I got there, but I soon realised Audi Nines is about having fun riding incredible jumps with people that share the same passion and that is right up my street. The 9 women with different backgrounds, ages and personalities all brought something uniquely valuable to the group, which made for an incredible week of progression and good times. Without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done! Thanks Audi Nines and everyone involved for an experience I'll never forget.


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 Super impressive!
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 Wow, watching Joey hit that big one at 3:30 is amazing. She is the only one I see riding a single crown on that. Really impressive.
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 Yeah Champ!
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 Audi Nines = Rowdy Lines

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 Wow. Nice video of you having fun with like minded people Big Grin Awesome
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 Spot on Joey, launching it as usual - miss the 80's party music though Beer
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 Nobody going to comment on the fact she was not even on a full DH Rig...unbelievable skill to soak up those landings.
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 She kicks ass, I love this!
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 Joey is the most such an impressive rider and induvial, well deserved.
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 So good! Always the style cat and she has the best tables. Photos from that left hip are mintttt!
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 My 1981 inspo hero.
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 Super cool!

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