Video: Johannes Fischbach Races DH With an eMTB & a Fatsuit in 'Uncle Ray Goes Racing'

Nov 26, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesJohannes Fischbach's wacky Uncle Ray returns unexpectedly from the States to upgrade the legendary Black Mountain Bike Park Downhill Race with a superstar wildcard. For the first time, a camera team was allowed to capture exclusive insights into Uncle Ray's race weekend and was able to document an epic race.

What Uncle Ray didn't know - the event was a classic Non-E Downhill event. Uncle Ray gets between the fronts and solves the situation in his very own way.


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 I actually thought this was pretty damn funny. The accent, the number 88 and practicing the start by grinding the stem was hilarious.
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 bmx gate-start..
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 Hysterical. the practice starts with a bar-hump on each pedal stroke had me rolling, ha! more of these, PLEASE! they never get old
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 Very funny video. More of this please. Went well with the Kirt Voreis video. Could have been funnier with the use of a fat suit that wasn't so obviously a suit though. Too lumpy on the back!
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 probably the best e-bike 'advert' i've seen. he absolutely smashes.
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 Imertation is the best form of flattery but Ed Masters is funnier
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 It was good! World class sandbagging. But yes he wasted a bit of potential of having a real German accent. He could have made himself into a Red Baron or something. I just can imagine being in top 5 after the first run. “God, you there? I don’t need to win today but I don’t want to lose to this guy... no...”
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 A pocket-burger sounds kinda appetizing for some odd reason.
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 I think we should go the other way with ebikes. Once the regular races are done, "Alright, and now time for the ebike downhill championships"

and then just a chaotic fleet of cosplayers, fatsuits, and women in chainmail bikins shred down the hill laughing and screaming.
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 Eddie Masters did it better.
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 Wait. So this isnt my unauthorized autobiography? True I wouldn't ride an ebike but they nailed the look!
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 My little kids love uncle ray. The other one where he slomo tail whips a bag of chips open, only to go back and lay down and eat them off the trail was classic.
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 Some prime ebike smashing!
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 Probably helped taking 10 pounds of battery off the bike...
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 The burger out of the pocket right after crossing the line... Legend.

Uncle Ray made my day Smile
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 ebike smashed and looked fun as hell.
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 Uci needs to organize fatsuit fat bike world champs
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 Do you mean e-tard championship???

I ride an ebike and will absorb you shaming as I lap you on your local trail.
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 But it's Pedal Assist...
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 Momentum is a real thing
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 Hasn’t this same basic concept been done like four times already? Hard joke to sustain for 4+ minutes.
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