Video: Johannes Fischbach's Heavyweight Uncle Ray Is Back for 'The World's 1st eMTB RAW'

Jun 1, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Johannes Fischbach's heavyweight Uncle Ray is back. After his spectacular debut video last year about his epic race win in a downhill race, he now returns on screen with fresh material - the "World's 1st EMTB RAW video".


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 Does shaking a battery make it last a bit longer? I think that works for both batteries and printer cartridges.

Whether you like e-bikes or not...that was pretty awesome.
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 Riding was absolutely top for sure.
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 @youknowitsus: ya that shit was gnarly
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 Fair play. If you're going to ride an e-bike then that's the way to do it; flat-out fast with a load of self-shuttling while texting haha.
The track-jump (step-down) to backwards hairpin climb was my favourite. I laughed out loud. The pad-slap (and tree-slap) were mint too. Nice work guys. Smile
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 Haha! We need a battle with him and Ed Masters in fat suits and ebikes!
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 hahaha. Great idea!
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 There was only one little thing missing, a tiny squeeky fart when he was getting of the car
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 huge miss in this edit
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 Oh man, so funny!! I laughed out loud a bunch! Nice ripping Uncle Ray!!
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 Fat guy on an e-bike. So much to work with here. Big Grin
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 fantastic way to ride safely in the covid era. the dainese full body protective suit not only provides great crash protection but also allows you to exceed people's expectations and blow minds as you blow up berms, gaps, trees ... you name. You go on Ray, you go on... lol banger edit though .
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 Put enough air in that Adidas track suit? Big Grin
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 Snacking on the climb, nice!
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 a. i thought he was gonna pull the bike out from under himself on the first jump, like i often do.

b. no comments on that BA car???
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 Jesus, that first launch made me realise Uncle Ray does not hang around, killer.
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 Very entertaining indeed. That car was ace. Keep on shredding, ya doughy pussies. Wink
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 I've heard "Hold my Beer", but that's a whole new level, "Hold my Cheeseburger!"
Straight Mobbing!!...
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 In the near future we'll be able to perform wheelie or backflip by pressing a button! Wink
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 I don’t know what was in the paper bag but it made uncle Ray properly nuts!
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 Most of bikes are not designed for fat guys, when you cross the 100KG barrier, most parts are already in trouble.
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 Never seen anyone monster truck an e bike like that. Makes me realize how violent ews e bike racing will be.
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 I could watch Uncle Ray's shenanigans all day haha!
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 hahahaha. hilarious. But these gaps were massive! Good job Fischi
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 eTurds are kind of shitty.
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