Video: Jordi Reflects on Santa Cruz Wildfires & International Racing in Episode 31 of 'Dialed'

Aug 26, 2020
by FOX Factory  

In Episode 31 of Season Two, DIALED checks in with Jordi as he recaps the latest developments with the devastating wildfires in the area and provides some updates on the return of racing.

bigquotesSanta Cruz is struggling right now. There was a freak lightning storm last week, and it ignited fires all over California. Friends houses have been destroyed. People are displaced. We have employees that have been evacuated. We have employees that are trying to save their homes. Our office is evacuated, so we can't go in or do anything there. I don't know, it seems strange to keep going and do another episode, but I guess we kind of know that life goes on. And maybe people enjoy watching these episodes, maybe it takes your mind off something."- Jordi

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 I thought Fox moved to Ga.?

Big shout out to Cal Fire, regional Sheriffs depts. and neighboring states that sent strike teams!!

I'm only a few miles away from a containment line on the north end but safe thankfully!
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 ....and to the Bonny Doon locals crew for holding it down and protecting each other's lives and property when the .Gov didn't have the resources to do so.
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 Agree, can't echo enough how grateful our community is to the fire fighters and law enforcement putting their lives on the line for us, non stop, literally for 11 days straight (saw it on the news for a group of fire fighters). Also shout out to emergency response personnel who work tirelessly through two unprecedented simultaneous crises. never take what you have for granted.
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 They did move to GA, but I imagine they kept some employees back in CA. Thank you to the firefighters. You guys are heroes. The smoke has been horrible in Boise so I only imagine the destruction that is happening in CA.
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 @HB208: Yep, the corporate HQ is now in GA, but they still have a bunch of important service/sales/support offices all over the place:
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 And a big shout out to other countries that have sent in support as well. We've sent you some, and I believe Australia has as well. Whether or not those Aussies were from Whistler and just hitched a ride has yet to be confirmed. Wink
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 @rrolly: Yes of course, sorry if I left out anyone. Truly a Herculean effort and much appreciated!
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 @jordie: Please keep doing these videos regardless of conditions of life. I cant speak for anybody but myself, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the series before covid hit, and its helped me stay intrigued during. Love the techy stuff.

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 Hey Jordi - enjoyed the video. Didn’t realise things were so bad out there. Everything’s Covid and Brexit in the uk at the moment. Strange how China is getting to much rain and 3 gorges dam under pressure but California getting no rain. I have been to Santa Cruz many times and love the place. I think your personal statement about the fires is a bit more real than our rather stale news readers. Stay safe out there and keep up with the posts - they help the whole mtb family!
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 So who s Spur is that ? Jordi s or yours or is it just a test platform sent by Transition to Jordi or to FOX to tune - check it out... ?

and please continue to make these episodes we enjoy them
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 Keep on trucking bro, stay safe from the fires and we will see you soon! Keep rolling out the video's, it's real and we miss your face!

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