Video: Josh Bryceland & the 50to01 Crew Stylishly Session Dirt Jumps

Oct 27, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesCouple days at the trails shootin some piccys. 50to01


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 As a fully paid up member of the old fart club I do wonder to myself how Josh pays the bills these days. Mucking around in the woods surly isn’t going to keep him in bread and milk let alone a new Santa Cruz / Cannondale. Am I missing something?
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 Videos like this certainly help. He's getting bikes from Cannondale I'd say. Their 50to01 clothing/parts bring in money. Any other parts or gear endorsements he has (Burgtec comes to mind). On IG i saw that he bought a large farming sized tractor recently and looks like he could be doing some work with that too
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 The influencer life is real. Media makes money.
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 Look at BMX, particularly Street riders. Plenty of guys with a frame sponsor, do videos and get lots of soft goods. Might even do a trip or two a year. Not as lucrative as a WC deal but Still fun. Thought the video was pretty average and if you take a ride down to your local trails, there are people on terrible bikes, with no kit or sponsor going alot harder than this. Bryceland and crew definitely have a place in the industry, but there's a whole generation of insta kids chomping at their heels for their turn in the limelight.
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 Josh and the 50to01 crew don't strike me as the kind that need a whole lot of stuff or money to be happy. I am sure he made quite a bit from his WC career and has somewhere to live and a bit put away from those days. Part of the reason he left WC racing was all of the staff/money/effort/parts going into just trying to get that perfect race run and he found it quite wasteful. If he now gets free bikes and parts, a modest salary from each sponsor, a few trips paid for each year and has enough spare to be comfortable messing in the woods with his mates then I'd say he has it well and truly sorted.
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 @stickman5000: "The thanks we get?" LOL. This man owes you nothing, and you deserve nothing from him.
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 @stickman5000: takes one to know one
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 @stickman5000: I'm sorry, I've never known a "stoner hippy" that's so full of hate and discontent as you. I can point you to the nearest MAGA rally, your attitude would probably fit in better there.
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 @spudlord: it really does. And what's more he's arguably worth more to a bike company being just being visible and representing, doing jibs in vids, than as a racer - especially to a company that wants to work on the public perception of its brand.
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 @spudlord: yeah ratboy is a genuine brand n can n should make as much from this influencer trend....i'm in the ad business and the amount of money talentless influencers in the beauty/fashion business are making... it'll be shame ratboy doesn't make as much with all that talent
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 Although I don’t agree with the aggressive disrespectful tone of stickman500s post, I kind of get what he means. I can’t imagine say a top performing athlete in any other sport quitting and just posting edits and still staying relevant. Let’s say Messi at 27 sacked it all off and just posted vids of him playing 5 a side with his mates! I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but I admire the racers over the influencers any day of the week. Having said that Josh was brave enough to say something about not having the drive to go flat out in a race run anymore and I admire that. One thing that puzzles me, and I know nothing about drugs is but surely supporting violent drug cartels and oppressive regimes in countries that produce lots of marijuana can’t be that ethical or sustainable. Correct me if I’m wrong though!
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 @jemscott: Well for starters, are 5 a side soccer edits a thing? Do people make a living doing this? Plenty of riders make a living off bike edits and being in movies so why not Ratboy as well?
Secondly, I must have missed something because I couldn't be more confused about your drug cartel comments.
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 @snowfiend: well you can find edits of sport people doing amazing stuff but usually in competitive matches. By that I mean the hippy vibe / smoking weed it the edits sub culture that is perhaps misleadingly represented; I’m not saying this about 50-1 but I don’t see how low level drug use in a non legal country fits with a viewpoint that thinks that DH circus is damaging the environment..
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 @snowfiend: sorry and to answer the first point when it comes to elite level sport I want to see athletes doing stuff that I can only dream about under the greatest pressure, like a WC DH race
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 @jemscott: @jemscott: "I can’t imagine say a top performing athlete in any other sport quitting and just posting edits and still staying relevant."

Brandon Semenuk would say otherwise. Arguably still the MOST relevant in his field, and he doesn't need to compete to do so. Ratboy hasn't "quit" his profession, he has redirected it to something that makes him happy. Racing is just one of the many avenues of jobs within the bike industry.

I think what Josh (and the rest of the 50:01 guys) have done in terms of video content is rad. They are show casing the core reasons why we all ride (to have fun) and still doing it at a VERY high level. Even though some of the stuff they are doing in their videos is still way above any Pinkbikers paygrade, they still make it somehow relatable with that sense of having fun, mucking around on bikes, and that is why it is so successful.

That is one of the great things about mountain biking. You don't necessarily have to be on top of the box anymore to make a career out of it. There are plenty of riders who may not be 'the best" in whatever it is they are doing, but if they make entertaining content or find other ways to reach people, they will possibly have a bigger following than someone who won a couple of world cups. It's always easier to remember a cool video part than what place so and so came in some race (or any contest) years ago.
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 @jemscott: he probably grows his own pal ????????????
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 @leon-forfar: all of this
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 "Am I missing something" Well yeah, hopefully, considering its none of your business.
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 @Neale78: What I meant by this was, is this crew known to promote a heavy drug use lifestyle that I was previously unaware of? I am curious as to what @jemscott was referring to when saying they are supporting drug cartels.
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 @stickman5000: He is hardly Lance Armstrong!
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 @Danfsims: can’t argue with that!
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Fair point well made. I think I probably have a slightly negative view as a) I love racing and b) I just don’t get the insta and you tube role models that my kids look up to. On a brighter note Josh’s launch video of the Brunson and 50 to 1s launch edit for the new 5010 are 2 of my all time favourite videos.
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 Um, he's one of if not the most recognizable mtbr around with a shit load of sponsors and edits going out all the time. Its like asking how Brandon Semenuk gets paid.
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 I think you are missing something. Mucking around in the woods all day doesn't cost any money. He live a different life to you. Its all about priorities and doing what makes you happy day after day. Maybe the lifestyle you are comparing Josh's life of good times to is a fake life that accumulates too many bills to truly enjoy freedom and a good time in the woods. He is getting enough money quite easily to eat sleep and do what he enjoys most of all, ride bikes as much as he wants and that is awesome.
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 I really wish Bryceland was still a WC fixture. It was so much fun watching him win and doing a shit-show post race commentary.
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 @jemscott: weed is grown in the UK not some violent drug cartel
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 @BenDonoghuePhotography: As someone who is pretty naïve about all this, I stand corrected.

There just always seems to be exploitation, corruption and violence behind it all but if that's not the case then fair enough.
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 @sevensixtwo: Having a zero THC level to be able to compete in World cups or other international competition, is not the way to go, especially when CBT is acceptable
Even in off season due takes 3 months for THC to clear your system
THC has some benefits but the reasons it is not legal is as corrupt as world governments right now ?
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 Well shiver me jibbers, matey.
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 One large jibberoni pizza please, extra jibberonis
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 Bit of a waste of time of a video IMO; there's a lot of people (with less support/sponsorship) riding better, trying hader and making better content. Some 50:1 videos in the past have been sick, but more recent stuff like this 8 minutes of messing around on local jumps isnt what I'd call interesting or ground breaking. I wonder how long they can continue to do this for, as sureley having josh as part of the crew won't keep them relevant forever.
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 I bum the 50:01 crew as hard as anyone, but having just watched the Delamere vid and getting hyped up to go crash my bike into something, this definitely didn't have the same effect. Not that it isn't amazing fun to do, but watching other people ride regular local dirt jumps is rarely that exciting after seeing similar stuff for decades.
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 no one is making you watch bru
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 UK whip masters. “The Bunch” of MTBing.
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 Amazing how they make it look so effortless.
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 They copied my riding style
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 Craig Evans is a beast. Most low key dude to ever win RB Hardline!
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 Fucking love these men! 50 to 1 videos are always so refreshing, always make me wanna go out and ride. I wish I had a crew like this to ride with!
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 Still make awesome videos that you just want to watch and enjoy
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 50to01 FEST
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 @ 4:20 is some filth.
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 Ratboy and the 50:01 crew keep me so hyped!
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 The whole first minute and 45 secs was hardtail DJ bikes except one run
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 the little kids at my local trails go harder
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 The day Josh leaves Cannondale im gonna sell my Habit
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 if it's a size 'S' we can talk Big Grin

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