Video: Josh Woodward Rips Hood River Trails

Sep 8, 2021
by Jack Hanson  
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Filmmaker, photographer, and rider Josh Woodward rips his local trails in Hood River, Oregon. He's usually behind the lens running his brand @coffehousemedia, but this time myself and Josh filmed a video to capture his own riding and the raw beauty of the trails near his home.

Because we're both filmmakers we were able to bounce ideas off one another to create a final product that has aspects from both our filming styles. The goal was to showcase the world class riding mixed with the atmosphere of the town.

The titles and graphics for the video were made by Josh, and after five days of shooting and a destroyed drone, the end result is an edit to get anyone stoked on riding.

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 The trails here are lame.
Don’t sell your house in SoCal to move here and pay cash.
No, seriously, don’t move here.
  • 10 4
 too late man. they're moving everywhere. CO is ruined!
  • 4 5
 Locals only. No kooks!
  • 11 5
 As a California native I can't help but laugh. CA is literally the original place RUINED by folks moving here from other places. Now the rest of the nation is getting a small taste of what CA has suffered since the 60s and we're the bad guys ???
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 @SDBrian: I was gonna say something similar; how many of those "Californians" moving out of state are actual native Californians? It's more like a lot of the people who moved here from the rest of the country (and beyond) are moving out.

Just in the 7-years I've been in Orange County (from BC) the amount of housing development I've seen with many trails lost along the way is staggering. I can empathize with the people who grew up here.
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 That was awesome! I've seen that wooden drop in the flesh and it's no made it look easy and steezy
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 Yes dude! Stoked to see ya rippin
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 I’m wondering if the last two jumps on FMX are still up. If so, that line has held up for 15 yrs! I think Josh’s double table was on the first jump but I didn’t see the little whoop rhythm section run in.
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 Wait? Is he on an old-school, outdated, 27.5 bike with a 74* STA?? I don't understand how he's able to pedal that thing around, especially up a hill!
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 That helmet though! "I'll take a double-table with cheese please".
Awesome riding!
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 Nice shredding, both of yous! Like the double tabe Wink
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 sick riding, sick spots, sick filming, sick music
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 crazy to see post canyon that dry
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 Damn dude, havent seen ya in a while! Didnt realize you ripped as hard as you shoot!
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 Good riding questionable song choice.
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