Video: Just the Tip - Red Bull Joyride, Crankworx 2015

Aug 17, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 I genuinely believe Tippie loves everyone he interviews
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 Think we actually saw a bit of a smile coming from Semenuk in the interview!
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 :I Words cannot describe how happy I am to see that smile :I
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 When Tippie was yelling at the end of the interview with Semenuk, Brandon just kinda looked at the camera for 10 seconds with no emotion
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 Knuckleheads used to hack on tippie a lot for being too happy all the time. Idiots now hack on semenuk for not smiling. Dude just pulls off a ridiculous run that none of us could even dream of, he's in a mental zone we couldn't even begin to understand, yet y'all are hacking on him for not smiling? This, like the tippie haters, will disappear with time. Hopefully sooner than later.
Congrats semenuk and all the riders who doing, while we are typing.
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 I alway thought that Brandon would go to the basement to smile/lough , but now thats changed a bit Wink
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 @obee1 its not that I don't think Semenuks run was out of this world amazing, its just that he landed a run that didn't even seem possible, won the biggest mountain biking event in the world, but he was barely smiling
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 Relief perhaps? Decompressing from the anxiety and pressure he puts on himself? You can't know what's going on in his head, and by the way he composes himself, semenuk isn't some physically gifted meathead. Dude is smart and his serious, cerebral approach to competition is an aspect of his personality- take it or leave it. I would suggest to you and anyone else so caught up in his lack of smiling- ffs- to instead celebrate his success and appreciate the direction he and the other current riders are taking this sport to.
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 @obee1, I'm in no way a semenuk hater, I genuinely like that we saw a smile coming from him after that run, which is undoubtedly one of, if not, the best run we've seen at joyride ever
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 What does is matter if he smiles? jesus people
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 Wish Zink could finished his run...
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 True I really wanted to see him land that superman backflip.
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 Nicoli should wear sunglasses when he rides slope.
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 and New Balance kicks
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 The aerodynamic fins on the GoPro are what really matter
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 There's no doubt in my mind that Jackson will be doing it.... it's just a matter of when.
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 Love me some Tippie in the morning...
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 Nothing like a Cup of joe with some cream and Tippie
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 anyone else here feel a huge ass sigh of relief for Brandon? Bout time he hooked all his cool tricks together and I must say he looked like he was 100% in great mental shape.
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 What happened to monster and Brett? Plain helmet?
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 tippie never fails to make ya happy!
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 ya he managed to made brandon smile!
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 He only gives us just the tip and it's more than enough!
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 Honestly, semenuks truck to bar hump at 6:05 was one of the most impressive things done! haha
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 the thing which impressed me the most was semenuk's laugh Big Grin happy to see him take the win
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 I love our sport. Consummate professional. These guys are the best in the world yet so humble.. great show guys.
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 I see Rheeder not rocking Monster on his helmet anymore, New sponsor coming?
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 Brett Rheeder and Sam Pilgrim were both feeling sick the day of joyride. Maybe too much monster.
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 wow, you can really sense how nervous and tense these guys are from the interviews! Great video!
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 Not bad SRAM daughter !
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 Was that smile on Semenuk face? Wink
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 Maybe just a muscle on his mouth that moved
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 Whats the song?
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 The song is 'While I'm still in bloom' by 'Frantic Ground'.
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 Peat is always eating...
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 Rheeder always seems to be a Debbie Downer in his interviews.
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 Tommy G had so much trouble opening that champagne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he SO SLOW that we didn't even see it live Big Grin
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 Cash rolls and triple-whips FTW.....Drats! Semenuk showed up!
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