Video: Kade Edwards' Leftover Slash Footage is too Good to Waste

Nov 25, 2020
by We Are Peny  

From the 2021 Trek Slash product shoot, Kade managed to create way more content than what was needed so we couldn't let it go to waste!!

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 Holy crap... the way he loads up and pushes out of successive corners is unreal!
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 The world needs more Kade edits. Insane talent.
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 when your B roll is better than the worlds best A roll... holy cow. well done!
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 Well that’s not quite true is it.
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 leftover footage...?? this edit should have been released a long time ago, is just freaking awesome!!!
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 Great riding, but did anyone else find the cut hard to watch? I'm fairly inured to jumpy mtb and ski edits but that made me feel epileptic.
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 I think that’s why I enjoyed it
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 Normally I’m put off by choppy edits too, but this time I liked it. Maybe it’s because it’s sync’d to the music so well.
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 Easily one of the most fun riders to watch out there. He has a ridiculous amount of skill and style on a bike. Even just the parking lot jibbing and mellow trail blasting is interesting and skilled. When you your b roll tops most bangers... More Kade!
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 That was awesome, love the music choice too
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 he looks like richie rude
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 Watching people flip 29er enduro bikes never gets old
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 He really does make it look like a much "smaller" bike than it is. Great riding.
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 Can I borrow some of the copious amounts of talent you are oozing please?
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 Favourite edit of the year by far!
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 Awesome to see Kade finish the dh season representing the speed we all knew he was capable of.
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 Isn't he the new guy from RedBull?
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 Excellent riding. Too bad the misspelled "RevoLution" every time...
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 Keep this goodness coming Kade
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 nice editing!
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 this was gooooood
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 move over semenuk

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