Video: Kaos Seagrave, Dennis Luffman, Sam Soriano & Jose Borges Get Loose On The New Canyon Torque

Dec 6, 2021
by Canyon  

Words: Canyon

For many years the Torque has been the gravity focused bike in the Canyon line-up. Evolving from a classic Bikepark/ DH machine into what we have been familiar with for the past 4 years- a 175mm bike that, for the first year or two after launch, was being used by the Canyon Factory Enduro team one weekend, then the likes of Tommy G on some huge kickers the next. It was and still is a rad bike- but, time moves on, new developments happen, and knowledge and understanding progresses.

So, the plan for this latest version of the Torque was for it to be the perfect bike to take with you on a season to Whistler, Queenstown or any number of other MTB epicenters around the world. If you can only have one bike with you - it needs to be able to rip lap after lap of the bikepark, be playful enough for a few jibs while you roll through the parking lot (gotta earn those fist bumps), then be efficient enough on the pedals to get you to those trails hidden out of reach of the lifts and shuttles. Oh, and it shouldn't need to see the workstand too often- because wrenching can eat into valuable riding time.

The end result stuck close to the previous version in terms of travel, but with fresh geometry, a super tough frame, durable hardware and improvements to weight and stiffness- this is now a bike capable of every feature on and off the hill. The new Torque is as at home at Rampage as it is sending kickers in the local woods, lapping the park, or tearing up a local Enduro race from time to time.

Rampage proven, dual crown compatible. (just remember those fork bumpers, and maybe drop the travel a touch to be dialed like Tommy

Torque about options

It might be a bit unfair to say a new 'Torque' has been developed. In reality, it is a whole range of 'Torques' which have emerged from the R&D office in Koblenz. It has been said before, and we'll say it again- the variety of styles, opinions and approaches in our community is what makes MTB so darn good. With that in mind, the new Torque will be available in 27.5, Mullet and 29er wheel size options. From Park Rat to Weekend Racer there is an option out there.

Light's popping. The 27.5 ripper

Mullet setup for steeze and speed.

Can't be all business.

Jose Borges. The 29er Torque. Finale's finest. All-out speed.

Into metal?

Alongside the wheel size options, there's also choices when it comes to frame material. It's not uncommon for a brand to come out swinging with the latest 'stronger, stiffer, lighter' carbon model- and in this case the Torque CF is no exception. But the Torque AL is also designed from the ground up to be a kickass AL frame, rather than just a cheaper copy of the CF chassis. Sure the AL bike looks a little different, but the tube cross-sections, junctions and forging parts are all designed to get the most from aluminum. The result? A bombproof frame that's stiffer, stronger and 200g lighter than the previous Torque AL.

Lemoine has already been showing the Torque AL some love. And yes- this colour will be available to buy.

For more than the bikepark- but the Torque still loves a lap or ten of the lift.

Find out more about the Torque on

Video by: Aspect Media
Photography by: Ale Di Lullo, Heather Young, Boris Beyer, David Nogales
With support from: Canyon
Featuring: Dennis Luffman, Sam Soriano, Kaos Seagrave, Jose Borges

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 Just a shame that Canyon won't warranty any frame damage from riding like that?
  • 6 3
 Some Kaos footage playin over The Four Owls? I want Canyon to know that I absolutely need more of this. Stylish riding and stylish music, yes plz
  • 3 2
 These bikes should come with free video game so can practice what you want to learn?
Only problem is that takes a lot more practice, on real bike to have same skills!
  • 1 0
 I would help make that video game in to a real thing. Would make a great mobile game to play on my way to work.
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 Weird song choice since half of it is censored
  • 1 0
 The only question is where is change?????
  • 1 0
 Can't wait for #MOIMOI get on this thing.
  • 3 4
 Bikes, riding and locations looked great - shame about the music...

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