Video: Karl Immers Throws Wild BMX Tricks in a Tribute to His Kids

Sep 28, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesTo everyone that kept me going. I love you. My friends and family. Is My Reason. Thank you so much to all the people that help film this. A huge shout out to Shawn Howe and Eljay Pena for the advice and knowledge through it.Karl Immers


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 good lord bmx is so much cooler than mtb
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 MTB will forever play catch-up to BMX. Same w/MX.
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 how do we get that Outside banner removed?
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 fuck you lets comment on the video
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 @pinegrove: man, double backy tuc to turndown.... never seen such a comboo!
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 I know, I know! shut your box off and go for a ride
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 Bmx is better than slopestyle
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 So good! My 3 year old son just soloed on a pedal bike for the first time the other day. The future is bright. This vid hits me close. I recognize that Nevada dirt.
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 Did he really just do a bri flip on bmx??
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 He took all of the rotations, I can't learn 360s now.
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 That last clip. I cannot count the rotations no matter how hard I try. Somewhere Nicoli Rogatkin is already trying to figure out how to bring it to mtb.
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 I'm pretty sure it was a 1440, which Rogatkin has already done. A lot of the riding in this video reminded me of Ryan Williams.
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 I counted four. Twice. So yeah, a 1440. Next-gen riders will start throwing variations into those...hell, I can remember Hoffman's first 900 - now kids are doing those in flairs.
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 I can't count fast enough to keep track of his rotations. This is wild.
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 Shoutout Remo Siracha

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