Video: Kate Courtney Navigates the Unknown in 'Rising' Season 2

Apr 8, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Season 2 of Rising with Kate Courtney kicks off with how the strange year that was 2020 affected the 2019 World Cup overall winner. Read the full story of Episode 1: Blueprint on

bigquotesWelcome back to season two of Rising with Kate Courtney. In season one, we followed the highs and lows of Kate's 2019 season. With all eyes on the rising star, Kate overcame the pressure, took home some big wins, and finished the season as the 2019 XCO World Cup Champion. With that, her sights were firmly set on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic… that was until the global pandemic hit and the world was forced to stop, evaluate and adapt.

In season two, we follow Kate as she navigates through the unknown, kicks off the World Cup season and looks ahead at the Olympic Games. Follow along as we go behind the race tape and see how Kate is building her blueprint and foundation ahead of this monumental season.
Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team

bigquotesIn hindsight, there were just so many decision points in 2020, where things veered off track from what I expected.Kate Courtney


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 Good to see Kate Courtney finally getting some exposure.
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flag HB208 (Apr 8, 2021 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 Lol, what? She has been getting exposure for at least a couple of years.
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flag grundletroll (Apr 8, 2021 at 11:02) (Below Threshold)
 she has had tons of exposure, shes easily in the top 3 most famous xc women. she also won the world cup overall champ in 2019 and world champ in 2018. she gets plenty of coverage
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 @CamNeelyCantWheelie Who? Rider in the vid has got a cool rainbow stripe jersey and a nice looking energy drink themed helmet. Seems athletic, hope they get sponsored.
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 @twozerosix: I don't assume sarcasm on pinkbike unless someone uses the s/ thing.
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 @HB208: Not to mention the last couple articles. Not that I'm complaining
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 Sarcasm i'm guessing or Time to flip your rock over and crawl out!
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 Nothing goes over my head. I am too fast and I would catch it.
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 Dog s*** is bad enough. Clumsy ass, keep those shoes clean.
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 @Neale78: hahaha can't afford a dog but can afford a Kona Traildog cutout!! Big Grin
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 Then upgrade to the real thing one day hopefully. Wonderful.
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 Props to Kate Courtney for her achievements and all, the following isn't directed at her specifically.
It is however becoming somewhat of a trend and I'd like to mention this:

Whoever decided to make this video more dramatic by putting it in the context of a deadly global pandemic -
"Rider X secured a spot in the Olympics, but due to the pandemic Rider X could not compete".

Really!? 500,000+ people died in the US alone due to the pandemic and nearly 3 million worldwide at the time of writing this comment and I'm supposed to feel empathetic with someone who couldn't ride a bike one season? I think this is messed up.
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 On the plus side, flu deaths are now 0. :shrug:
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 So true.
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 why do those feelings have to be mutually exclusive? is it not possible to recognize the global severity of the pandemic while also empathizing for someone who has worked their butt off to compete at the Olympics (likely a lifelong dream), but couldn't due to the pandemic? would you have preferred for the video to not comment on it at all? pretend like the pandemic and the collective effort to respond to it didn't interrupt anything?
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 @rfcrane: I don't know man, it could be just me, maybe I've just seen too many of these lately -
people who are quite well off complaining about the pandemic. I find it a bit arrogant, akin to haircut-gate - probably not the most important thing.

Courtney may be a wonderful person, not even commenting on her character. She probably had no say in the editing process anyway.
The way this is put together makes it seem as if she alone missed out on the Olympics, which by the way aren't canceled forever.

What do you mean by 'comment on it at all', there wasn't some great insight or commentary, it was more like a vlog on how her doggie helps her cope. (nothing wrong with that by the way)

Most of the guys in the video and most of us here for that matter are so incredibly lucky, whining about cancelled events and shortage of bikes and parts - which in the grand scheme of things - truly first world problems.
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 Exactly.... who cares.
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 @Milko3D: the pandemic is a very tragic event worldwide and everyone knows that. However, for everyone, there is a different kind of struggle as a result of it. For some people Olympics is their life, that does not mean they don't care about the rest of the people around the world, but that might be their biggest struggle. This is why sometimes the world we live in seems so unfair. There is always a person who is more unfortunate. I am not saying you are wrong, perspective is very important. It is important to grieve for the ones who lost their lives, however, it is also important to not be hung up on it and focus on your own goal as well.
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 Maybe stop looking at the big picture and appreciate these fleeting moments before we all reach the Lantern at the end of Time.
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 @thustlewhumber: Yah, masks and social distancing works so flu this season this season has essentially been nullified.
This should give you an indication of how incredibly contagious CV19 actually is and how deadly it would have been if absolutely nothing had been done.
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 Stoked for her and the things she's accomplished. Best of luck and stoked to see a world champ cruising the local single track!
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 Ya ya, redbull, olympics, world champ...whatever. Monte (dog) is the real star here. The goodest boy.
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 Thanks. Great inspiration for our 7yr old daughter, Bella!
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 How many more of these do we have to see. Put some time into the other fast women - or better yet, do some specials on the fast up coming men as we have a ton of them in XC right now.
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