Video: Katy Winton Reveals 2024 Plans in 'Keeping Up With Katy'

Feb 8, 2024
by Katy Winton  

bigquotesAfter a year hiatus while I recovered from burnout, my Keeping Up With Katy video series is back with 4 episodes covering the 2023 race season! Covering: pre-season training; the return to World Cup Enduro racing; including some enduro racing tips; followed by how I successfully managed a head hit with the help of GT Continental Factory Racing and Chad Woods; finishing with the surreal end to the 2023 race season and revealing my plans for 2024.Katy Winton

Thumbnail photos: Jemma Wells & Sven Martin

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1

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 Well done race career! The true spirit of enduro. Stoked to see what’s next!
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 can we get a recap in the comments.
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 She's awesome. She basically said
the past is imperfect
the present is tense
the future is malign
and immortality lacks evidence
lay down and eat roses

-or was that Bukowski?
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 @suspended-flesh: lie down, Charles. I rather got the impression she said:

There was a young Mod named Pat,
Who wore an old Giro crash hat,
Her bike she would ride,
And from Drago she'd hide,
Because he was a bit of a prat

--by Drago
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 Racing is hard. Life is hard. Future is uncertain. Ride bikes, have fun.
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 Drink coffee Rides bikes Listen to Johnny Cash
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 Okay really no spoilers - well I’ll watch the full video after work then - but only because it’s you and you’re really inspiring and motivating with your journey Smile Keep if you Smile )))
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 We love ya Katy!! Can’t wait to see you enjoy your freedom and what doors open for you!!
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 I love to hear her talk. She needs to be a commentator for all the Enduro races and she needs a podcast about racing.
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 Her episodes on the Downtime Podcast are really good if you haven’t heard them already
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 Who's the butthurt downvoter on every comment here?
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 Huge return for the sponsors here, everyone just skipping to the ottom for a recap.
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 It's really sad to see a a great rider having to drop out of racing in favour of making videos Frown
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 Great news that there is to be more of Katy’s story!
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 Get on Katy! Exciting life ahead, thats all that matters!
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 I haven't seen everything Katy put out the last years Mediawise, but she seemed full of selfesteem and confidence and most important, happy. Cheers, have a good one.
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 Good on ya. Enjoy the reset!
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