Video: Kilian Bron Rides the Ridges of a Sulfuric Volcano

Jul 10, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesGoPro Family member Kilian Bron rides along the smoky (and smelly) ridges of a sulfuric volcano in Sicily. GoPro

Check out the full edit from Commencal here


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 An Eggcellent time, no doubt.
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 That was a teaser, not a real video. Nice riding tho.
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 Ran out of battery.
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 You know the "GoPro Effect", and how it makes the typical rider's ride look way tame?

Well, the descent angle looks absolutely, terrifyingly steep on those runs above the sea. I've been riding20+ years, and I judge the pucker factor to be 99 on that exposed trail. Hay-zoos! : 0

Killian Bron = Boss.

I mean, Damn!
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 Ahh...the perfect length for a video; short enough to be interesting, yet long enough to cover the subject.
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 "Rider travels to exotic location to ride lame trails in straight line - but with a view that works on social media"
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 In Sicily we use to say:

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 Probably just me, but something bout “stoked bro rides volcano” sort of pisses me off
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 I would imagine it being a little hot in the clothes he’s wearing
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 Isn't carbon monoxide also in that gas? Make it, basically, poison gas?
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 Hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide (both found in volcanic gases - especially from a sulfur gas volcano) are quite poisonous too.
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 One place a carbon bike would fit right in?
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 Gas mask??

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