Video: King of the Hill - Race Highlights from MSA

Aug 3, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Look closely at 1:04, I'm sure Guillaume runs over that dog...
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 yeah...that happened looked like it was ok though
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flag RedBurn (Aug 3, 2014 at 13:20) (Below Threshold)
 Rude still !
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 Nop, dog got a broken leg or something. It was tied around a tree and somehow got loose i was just up the section when it happened
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 Poor doggy, he just wanted to play with big boys!
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 Rachel Atherton said she got put off line by a dog on her run too. If people have to bring their dog to a race, they have to have control of it, this is racers' lives and livelihoods at stake here.
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flag Lucab99 (Aug 3, 2014 at 14:25) (Below Threshold)
 ^ "racers' lives and livelihoods at stake" hahaha I think your forgetting more important thinks like SAFETY!?
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 yep there was a couple stupid dog owner. the dog was tie to a small branch and it got away. another stupid dumbass let his dog loose in the criterium and it run after racer. the dumbass call back his dog but never put a leash. also we were biking in the overflow camping when another dog almost bite the leg of my kids, i didn't find thestupid owner ps. i've got a dog and a leash
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 another view of the doggy
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 Next year WC track will be full of dogs, about time to up the game.
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 If the dog owner has kids, I sure hope they take better care of them than they do their dog. *facepalm*
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 The owner of that dog is complete (D - head, A-hole, P-O-S, ....take your pick) Imagine if that had happened to Stevie on a race run going for the win - it's ridiculous (It already happened to Rachel by the sounds)
The organizers of the race (and UCI) should forbid things like this from happening.....
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 I'm the one who took the image of the dog and yes the rider did pass over the dog with both wheels. I was so shock when i saw the dog pass before me that i stop follow them with the camera before getting back to it after it append.
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 saw that dog further up the course during the women's DH trying to chase the riders with the owner no where in sight!! it's ridiculous! we are fortunate enough to have an event like this being held at home, would suck to lose it because of a few irresponsible people!!
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 The return of the king! So good to see Hill back up on the top step!!
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 sad to hear sam hill say people dont expect that much from him since he hasnt won in a little while.
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 I know right! Seems like a humble dude.
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 So stoked to see Sam take a win!
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 Hill finding some ninja lines.
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 Absolutely, so many places were won or lost by a lot of riders on their line choice over the small rock garden immediately before the final jumps... Warner and Cunny were going on about the inside line or the outside line yet for my money it was the straight line down the middle (Sam / Josh and others) that made them places: visibly faster there and the speed you had going into the final straight was worth up to a second I think. Great lines Sam!
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 Hill was always known for his unique line choices and today it couldn't have worked any better! Stoked for Sam - so well deserved!
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 What's the song anyone? It was used in life behind bars and other vids too so I've got so many good associations with it but nobody seems to know the song name... Anybody know?
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 Got it! I made a request at redbull... Song is called "Bad Blood" from "Lo Fi Indie 2"
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 Awesome!! Thanks I really appreciate it Big Grin it puts me in such a gd mood having heard it in life behind bars etc.
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 Congratulations Manon for the win! Welcome back Sam Hill ! Wide open and let it slide !!
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 Last season, two guys own all but one race(Thirion). This year, it's a free for all. It's madness, and predicting the next winner is all but impossible.
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 gwin will never be what sam is. long live the king.
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 gwin dominated for 2 years. Sam Hill is the only other rider in modern DH to dominate like that. Athletes have on years and off years. Aaron is still young enough to return to form, and any racer on any day can win the race
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 true. but racing is more than just winning. sam has a legacy and a following that gwin just can't achieve. the shoes are too large to fill. imho of course.
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 Hope he can keep the momentum through the next rounds!! Awesome to see him back at the top step. Super happy for him.
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 Whoooo Sam!!
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 Poor Tahnee, not inside the coverage in the end.
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 Long life to the king
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 Nice inside line at 2.47 from sam Smile
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 Awesome to see Mr.Insideline win again Salute
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 I tought he was back on track !!(
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 Want to see this without music!
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 For me, it's not so much the music as it's 1,000x louder than the audio in interviews. Nothing worse than turning it up to hear what they're saying and then getting your speakers roasted when the music levels boost back up.
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 Sick edit, reminded me of earthed! Makes me want to ride!
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 Song please.
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 Where was Smith ?
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 Injured bro!
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 4:31 is Manon lurking on Emilie's boobs?

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