Video: Kirk McDowall Slips & Slides Down The Pinkbike Hot Lap

Oct 8, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

The formula doesn't get any simpler; one racer, one track, and a stopwatch. In our case, the track is a rooty and rocky descent, and the clock is a Freelap timing system that doesn't lie. Last year saw Sam Hill and Miranda Miller, along with a bunch of other really fast people, throw down Pinkbike Hot Lap times, and we're back for the second season with a new track and new racers for 2019.

This time it's Canada's own Kirk McDowall up to bat. Normally you'd find him on the World Cup circuit but today he has traded in the DH rig for his trail bike for a go on a very wet Cakewalk.

The Track

The second season of Hot Laps sees us move to Cakewalk, a classic Squamish descent that has a good mix of roots and rocks, as well as plenty of different lines to choose from. And just to keep everyone honest, there are even a few brief climbs to keep the mountain in mountain biking.


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 Gotta get the Privateer on this.
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 The privateer, and also Mike Levy on a proper bike.

Personally I'd also love to see some XC pros (male or female) give it a go (maybe do a run on their xc race bike and then another on a trail bike).

It's a cool series in any case Smile
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 Remy needs to do a lap!
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 @n734535: and a "random" dude... just to see their approach and the differences.
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 Minaar and Gwin too!
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 Pinkbike staff all need to run a hot lap. Including Cunningham.
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 agreed with an apprentice format each week, slowest one gets fired
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 Kirk was a legend that day and filled out water bottles up for us after they had leaked all over the car. We promised him we'd comment that it was a hard day to ride Cakewalk. It was, the roots were slippier than an otters pocket and I think we crawled down in about 15mins.
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flag CantClimb (Oct 8, 2019 at 9:40) (Below Threshold)
 Isn't there water running out of the mountain (ie. Spring Water)....?
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 Kirk is nuts in the wet though. Fastest thru mont st anne rock garden that one year Gwinny won.
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 Hahah thanks for backing me up boys!! Hope you had a good ride
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 @mtbmaniatv: He was .73sec behind some kid called Finn at this yrs Canadian national champs. 2 times national champ for a good reason. Good work Kirk.
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 @Yaan: ah yes Finley is quite the pinner
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 Maybe reach out to Brandon Semenuk since he is a local. Would love to see him steeze up that trail
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 Say this everytime.. Semenuk or Rheeder..
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 ..dont fuk wit the 'nuk
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 We've all thought about replacing our brakes with goose torture devices, but this madman actually did it!
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 That's the sound of modulation, bro. You know, the thing that ONLY SRAM brakes have.
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 Kirk seems like a really chill dude. His ride with Remy in Pemby was super fun to watch. More please!
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 Chill and super talented, great combination!
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 Riding in those conditions always puts me in survival mode. Impressive speed!
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 I said it last year and I'll say it again, it would be good fun to watch the PB staff do a timed hot lap. My previous suggestion was to do it during the field tests and to have each reviewer use any bike from the tests that they felt the best on. Set up a PB fantasy for it and see who actually comes out on top after us viewers get to guess who the fastest rider at PB headquarters is.
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 When is Remy’s hot lap?
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 Craziness... I noticed he was riding my speed... that was when the video was buffering, during trackwalk. lol
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 Could you show the full run in these videos, maybe as a separate video? I appreciate the parts shown will be the best bits, but it makes watching the run very disjointed
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 That's just a really gnarly run period! All those guys are amazing riding that fast!
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 Who won season #1? Sam hill?
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 Oh ya player!
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 @Soucy it was @Remi.the.Semi!!!
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 Nice run. Love this series.
The real question is: Where's the 8-ball?
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 That Brodie 8 Ball is still tits!
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 Nice ride Kirk!
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 We love you Kirk!

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