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Video: Kriss Kyle Shreds Skyscrapers, Slides & Streets in Dubai

Jan 28, 2019
by Red Bull Bike  

Home to the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is renowned for its breathtaking skyline. With stunning buildings, huge water parks and bustling souks, a place like this is the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers. Who would have thought that it's also a BMXer's dreamland? That's what Kriss Kyle discovered when he had the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the city by bike, and land tricks you've never seen before. If you've watched the videos about the Burj Al Arab fireworks during the 2019 New Year, then expect even more fireworks here.

From cavemanning out of a helicopter onto the Burj Al Arab, to tricking it out on some of Dubai's most famous landmarks, with barspins and all sorts of tricks you can imagine (and unimaginable) Kriss captured it all for our eyes to feed on.

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 shame about going to a place where being gay carries the death penalty, apostasy is a criminal offense as is eating/drinking in public during ramadan. You can also be jailed for having an affair (if you're a woman). The police regularly use torture and people go missing if you protest against the state.
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 The bonus footage is of Kriss bunny hopping over people sold into slavery.
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 The irony of riding the Freedom model from BSD's line, in Dubai, was not lost on me.
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 So you wouldn’t ride there for money?
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 Wow, all those lovely smiling women on the street!
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 Its really odd how many action sports companies and athletes are tone deaf about the human rights atrocities that occur in countries such as this. A few snowboard athletes cancelled a shoot in North Korea only because they fired off a couple missiles in defiance of U.N. sanctions. They cancelled it because they were worried about their personal safety.... you know, instead of being worried about promoting tourism in a country that has a long history of deliberately killing untold numbers of their own people, imprisoning visitors on sham charges and currently running multiple concentration camps. This shit needs to end. There are plenty of places in other countries that aren't filled with government sanctioned religious fanatics who hate women and those who don't believe in the same floating fairy in the sky.
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 @Worm-Burner: I mean, there is an abundance of attractive and smiling women in Dubai. The only problem is that they all share similar fears (unless they have renounces freedown and gone over to the dark side).

I loved living in Dubai, but it really is a grim place. The police also won't just let you go thrashing all over the place on a BMX bikes.
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 @mkotowski1: nope. wouldn't go to any country like that for anything.
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 @poah: like you would ever get paid to go to a foreign country to ride get the hell outta here
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 The irony that he is riding a BSD Freedom is not lost on many of us, I am sure
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 I was going to give my opinion of what I thought of this video like I’m a critic or someone even remotely important. Then I realized “eh who cares”. So I just watched it a second time.
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 Kriss has some of the most creative riding in BMX today... or biking in general
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 Bit of a shame non of it is in this video.
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 Yeah. I find this kind of thing pretty damn cheesy tbh.
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 @watchmen: Kind of with you here, setting is amazing and there are a couple of true bangers, but his regular riding is probably more impressive.
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 @Neale1978: Although not quite "Danny Macaskill vs. a horse" levels of cheesy.
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 That's not something I want to dwell on. There's enough bizarre B******* circulating as it is.
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 as always a pleasure to watch kriss, absolute legend
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 The amount of money Redbull spends on MTB/BMX always amazes me. I am sure their ROI is plenty otherwise I doubt they would do it, but THANK YOU REDBULL. I might even buy one of your amazingly unhealthy drinks sometime soon.
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 When Crimea was Ukraine, I'd love to take a ridin trip. In the current situation I wouldn't do so because of political reasons. It isn't simply a fair situation since I'm Russian and I don't like this occupant policy. The political aspects shouldn't be ignored. Video is beautiful, but it doesn't reflect reality.
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 Should be sponsered by Kross.
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 That's flipping amazing, but I couldn't help but expect the Airwolf soundtrack on the way in...
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 @mkotowski1: you shouldnt do everything for money. Remember “aint gonna play Sun City!” ? Mental drop line in the beginning anyway.
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 I just think it’s funny people being righteous on pinkbike about a bike video shot in Dubai, what have any of us really done lately to change the world, sure maybe Dubai abuses human rights but so do countless other countries where biking videos are shot. Do you know what products you use are actually built on a living wage? Probs not. Do you buy stuff from China one of the countries with the worst human rights records ever? Probably, sic video btw
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 This guy is a legend!
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 young lad "fae the toon" , good to see him making it big.... :-)
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 Right proper sesh.
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 Why has my comment been deleted? Quite ironic that someone has attempted to suppress my freedom of speech because I said "I enjoy visiting Dubai", even though the reason people hate Dubai is because their freedom is limited....
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 It´s not deleted, it got voted down (find it below the comment section). A completely democratic process for shit comments Wink
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 @infinitetrails: Not on my page anymore... I didn't realise I could offend so many people by saying that I enjoy visiting somewhere, the edit had stylish riding and a great soundtrack. I'm terribly sorry...
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 @Grealdo: shouldn't worry, there's some weird and wonderful attitudes on here.
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 Not sure if tearing around on a bike carries the death penalty over there but not sure if i would be keen to find out.
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 Anyway the video is super professionally made and the riding is one of the best Ive ever seen
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 hahahaha… he's sacred of heights..... www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/47042221
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 Everything about Kriss is style
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 Amazing video KrissSmile
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 3:45 is other worldly.. so cool
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 Retinal pleasure.
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 Kriss is an incredible rider! Love his style
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 That was an awesome edit and some great riding!!
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 Bloody great riding, keep it up man! Yep i got the irony, freedom frame...
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 Is that a 24" bmx??
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 I hate Dubaï
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