Video: Kye A'Hern's Full Race Run POV at the Victorian DH MTB Series

Feb 2, 2022
by UR Team  

Oh yes, the race season is on, so jump on board for Kye’s full race run of the track in Mt Beauty, Australia. After just 3 weeks on the new bike, Kye A’Hern lays down a hot lap at the 2nd round of the Victorian DH MTB series to take 2nd place 0.9 seconds behind a fast Dean Lucas.

Credit - Howler Photographic

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Mt Beauty

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 Hey, there's a bunch of really narrow tree gaps here, should we put pads on them? "Yeah, nah, just don't hit the f*ckin' trees mate."
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 You dudes must be holding your phone weird.
I’ve raced there a few times & that hill is f*ckn mental. I’d say one of the least pedally DH race tracks I’ve ridden.
Mt.Beauty is One of Aus DH finest
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 Agreed. People commenting based on their sum total experience of one go pro vid. This hill and the trails are wild, super fast and flat out.
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 @Nickybgoesdownhill: and that chundery section at 2:00 bucks you so hard, I don't know how anybody keeps their speed through that section and makes the corner at the end.
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 Track looks chunky to me ! Big ruts, deep braking bumps, flat out, fun!
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 We’re lucky here in Mt Beauty to have 3 DH tracks. We decided to use the least gnarly one as not many people have raced DH here in Aus the last 2 years. So we threw together a combination of 2 tracks, The first 20 seconds on DH2 (Short Course) and the remainder on Big Hill DH (built back in the 90s hence all the deep ruts). We were able to change a couple of lines to make the race time a bit longer (3:30 was the goal). Super stoked how it turned out. We’ll see next year about racing our DH3 track (Nationals) which is the track most of you will remember as being one of the toughest in Aus. Thanks to everyone for coming to race!
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 So fast. But that hypersmooth erases all the chunk. I think he needs to check out Den Lucas’s recent video on GoPro settings.
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 And the real winner is 3rd place for not spilling a drop of beer on the podium during the muddy shoe beer drinking contest! Full commitment right there folks.
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 Is it me or has the track changed from where it started in 2009? I may be wrong but wasn`t there a starting ramp?
But what I know for sure is that this track is a hell of a track to race on. being smooth is one thing but to be that fast is different. Well done
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 You may be confusing Mt beauty with Mt stromlo
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 Whoa man, that guy will sell his brakes at the end of the race as "never used"... So sick
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 That makes you realize just how good the image stabilization has got with GoPro. And how that makes the track seem so much smoother than it can possibly be. Time to add some roughness back.
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 This is the worst GoPro angle. Want to see all the bikes motions and how the body reacts…
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 Here's a chest-mount view of the winning run:
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 W/ the Palmer jacket
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 You guys have mud over there?
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 We've got some pretty hectic floods going on right now. It's knocked out major highways and 2 major interstate rail lines. It's a weird summer for us. My local trails have seem some recent rain, but they're back to dusty dry and sketchy now.
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 La Niña came to town this summer, there's mud everywhere on the east coast.
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 Wow! You can pretend you're in Scotland then haha.
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 Wasn't much fun, I don't know how they do it
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 It looks like a flowtrail, (he makes it look like a flowtrail) but then the GoPreu flattens out the whole plus I see somebody with the suspensions pretty dialed.
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 Can confirm it is NOT a flow trail. It's rough and gnarly, and I hate it (because I can't do it that fast)
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