Video: Kyle Strait Takes On Rampage Finals

Oct 18, 2021
by luca cometti  

bigquotesAlways bitchin’ to stomp my line in both runs. This chute was and probably will be the gnarliest thing I will ever ride. Thought it would be judged higher but that’s how it goes sometimes. Finished out the day in 6th place, so we’ll be back for another year. Huge shout out to my dig team Mitch Ropelato and Jonathan Simek for crushing it all week. And to my wife Rachel Strait.Kyle, Strait


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 I will never get tired of watching him ride that chute, it's so gnarly. The conversation with him and Mitch about his first run down it is so interesting to hear. I hope in the future the judges score steep shoot like that higher, because I want to see more of them.
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 I hold my breath every time Strait or Zink dropping into that chute. It is so scary. I'd also like to see this scored higher.
But on the other hand, if you compare to Zink's run - it is getting scored. He sent his 360 and flat flip so perfect! I guess he would have won with a 90 if he had tricked that last jump! Don't know why he did not just send another flip like Sorge did at the bottom... lack of speed? We know from 2019 he can send fronties and cash rolls, too! Man, he deservd to win...
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 It gets scored high… just not high enough to overcome everything other riders are doing. You can see that back in 2016/2017 as well.

Put another way, the scoring is a blend. A massive steep chute isn’t enough on its own, and neither are incredibly stylish tricks on jumps.
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 I understand the guys may stop riding chutes like this. It is great to watch, but judges don't value chutes that much as compared to tricks and opo stuff. In the end, this will become like a crankworx on steroids. That's where the judges are guiding rampage so far. I still love watching but I wish raw stuff scored higher.
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 Tell that Tommy G and his 360 to oppo 360 drops
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 Tell that to Antoine Bizet and his double backflip.
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 I'm feeling a little over the critiques on the judging as everyone has such different opinions and that makes sense given the variety of ways riders can interpret the mountain and judges can interpret the performance. Definitely not how I would have scored it...from the comfort of my living room and as someone who has never ridden anything like that...which I'm guessing is similar to 99% of the people going on about the judging. I will say that the chute that Kyle and Cam rode had me frozen every time it was ridden. So committing and gnarly. To me, that was such a rad use of the mountain and I am bummed to think that moving forward riders may feel less inclined to ride something like that...which was also IMO something as close to the original spirit of this comp as anything I have seen in the last few years. Either way- Kyle and Cam I loved your runs and line. Seriously badass and blows my mind that someone can ride that. I was on the edge of my seat when Cam was slightly to the right of his line coming down it on his second run. The man is unreal for keeping it together. Both legends.
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 I wonder if he wanted to throw a no-hander backflip at the end there. I think that’s what Brandon was asking him about in the finish corral when they were “still talking about mountain biking” instead of doing a live post-ride interview.
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 Kyle,Cam and Jaxson's runs had that classic rampage style! I enjoyed them the most.
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 I'm not real big into "participation trophies", but in my opinion these guys should all win. Just crazy good riding.
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 Never get tired of his style. To go out and kick ass like that and spend time with the family , serious pro all the way. Great vid too.
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 That chute was the craziest line on the whole mountain. Guess you don't get shit for line choice unless you do a SLOPESTYLE trick into it.
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 Not true. Just compare with Jaxson and Genon, who had tremendous style and tricks in the jumps, but no gnarly lines like Kyle. Kyle got higher score.
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 I completely agree. I love seeing the lines that aren't groomed like an Olympic snowboard half-pipe.
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 @t1000: but when it comes down to picking a winner it always seems to be best trick over gnarliest line. I thought Rampage was supposed to be about the gnarly terrain. Obviously craziest line and best tricks is the goal
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 What a great couple edits. Whitey Morgan yeeeehaw boys congrats Cowboy!
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 6:12 is so badass. Best trick
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 what is the story behind the last image of him removing his name from the leaderboard?
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 For his living room?
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 A souvenir maybe?
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 Think they keep them as mementos of the comp.
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 Kyle - I've enjoyed watching you all these years. I hope you get this big riding out of your system now that you have such a beautiful family. You've pioneered this sport for all our benefit, but I personally hope you can reduce your risk of injury (or death!).
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 More music like this & more Townes songs. Good edit and a legend on a bike.
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 I don't care who "wins" Rampage, anyone who does it is awesome and anyone who's done all of them defies description.
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 Waitin Round To Die.... That's some HARD, DARK, heavy drinkin music there son..
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 all good and great guy but Jaxon killed it, I stop watching after his 2 run....
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 I'm still amazed humans can even do this shiet
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 wow that chute talk about whiskey throttle so crazy!
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 Great video bro, Well done! Shread till ya dead.
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 Legend. Period.
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