Video: Laid Back Style with Alex Volokhov in 'Route 66'

Dec 2, 2020
by Calvin Huth  

Alex Volokhov, like a true Nelson man, has a knack for making trails look easy. Lucky for Alex though, BC has unreal riding all over the place. After spending his early Covid year in Williams Lake riding and building, it was time to see what he'd been up to. Special thank you to the local Williams Lake trail builders as well.

Trail builders everywhere... You're the best.

Route 66 ION Clothing SR Suntour
Route 66 SR Suntour 27.5 RUX
The Route 66 Rig, because everyone knows style never dies.

bigquotesA rad old truck, some quality time out west, and all time riding. Route 66. The laid back surf demeanor has always intrigued me. A Simple life. No need to complicate things, just go ride.

For this project, we got to take a beauty 66' Mercury 4X4 for an evening rip. While out for a cruise on a lonely road, I was instantly reminded of this simple life. Toss some phenomenal trails into the mix and that laid back demeanor hits. And it hits good. Hope you enjoy.

Route 66 ION Clothing SR Suntour

Supporting sponsors for the video: ION Actionsports & SR Suntour

A special thanks to both SR Suntour and ION Actionsports. Companies that support their riders and create products that get the job done! For more information visit their websites.

Route 66 SR Suntour - DUROLUX - TRIAIR 3CR
Route 66 ION Clothing SR Suntour

Music: Whisky - Tejon Street Corner Thieves


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 Yet another chap that runs an air spring on a Slayer. I wonder if that is due to that God forsaken shock mounting with the bearings that prevents riders from changing the coil unless they have special tools. Nice video, though !
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 speaking of which... if i wanted to change the spring on my fox shock with the bearings on that end, how do i actually do that?
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 @GumptionZA: In the manual of the bike they mention an Enduro Bearings tool. Unobtainium in Europe at the moment and expensive.
But you need at least revmove one of those bearing cups so that you can remove the coil.
I guess most people destroy the cups and get new parts from RMB Frown
My dealer was able to help me. But what if my weight changes (it actually does).
Not sure who invented that crap Frown It is like removing the valve from an air shock.
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 Going through this exact situation right now! Have talked to 3 RM dealers near me and all 3 have said how much a pain in the ass they are. 2 of them turned me and the third said they could maybe get it done for me. Come on RM there has to be a better way!
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 its interesting, i know of joint adaptors which stop play with a crushing force rather than a pressfit, so they just fall out and from the feedback i've been getting about them they work just fine
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 @skidmarkbro: some tools needed, but these work: I use a vise and Park Tools AV-5. Gently clamp the bearing in the "20/9" vise clamp spot and jerk it out.
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 @skidmarkbro: that's incredible to hear that shops would turn you down for a simple operation. You can use a blind-hole bearing puller but personally I just put the cup in a vice and wiggle it out. It leaves two tiny marks.
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 @rube: yep, have wiggled them off after clamping them in AV-5's - wasn't a problem... not to suggest they'll all be as easy as the ones on the Slayer I worked on though!
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 Sorry video lovers for all the OT. But it seems to be a pain point. I tried to pull the cups out with bearings in them. No way. The bearings should come out with an 8mm blind puller. Next time I plan to push a 10mm or little less rod into the empty cup until that center sleves moves out enough to extract the empty cup more easily. But I guess it is still a good move send some direct feedback to RMB. At least they could include such a tool in the box. Leaving the distribution to Enduro Bearings is not really a solid support strategy.
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 Hey All, good feedback for us at RMB.

The bearing eyelets add a level of small bump compliance that isn't possible with the traditional bushing setup, and this particular design was designed to work with our Ride4 and Ride9 chips. However, I do recognize the added complication this poses to the customer.

To make things easier, for 2021 models, we changed to a smaller diameter cup that allows Rock Shock (and Cane Creek) springs to slide past without removing the cups. Unfortunately these cannot work with Fox shocks and springs due to their new spring retainer design. With this new bearing eyelet design, we made our own tool that we sell and distribute both via IBD and online. It's currently sold out but more units have been ordered and are on the way. The tool is also very reasonably priced at $60.

For 2017 to 2020 models using the older, larger diameter bearing eyelets, the Enduro BRT-006 tool is the best option for removal. I've sent an email to Enduro to check their stock levels, and requested internally that we add this tool to our webstore as well so that there is an additional distribution channel.

Lastly, in the event that you don't have a tool, you can use a blind hole bearing puller (Enduro has a nice one but there are many other options available online) or a vice-mounted holder like the Park Tool AV-5 (again, more options available online) to secure the cups and twist them out. I do not recommend using flat jaw mounts as the clamping force required to grip such a small surface will result in damage to the cups and bearings. The two tools mentioned above should be standard equipment available at IBDs. If they don't have them, then they are easily obtained online.

Again, my apologies about the hassle; this has been a good opportunity to review our designs and practices and improve them.
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 Thanks @kperras for stepping in, appreciate it !
Good changes but unfortunatly I have a 2020 Slayer and 2020 DHX2.
The BRT-006 costs 200€ (recommended selling price) in Europe and that is way too much (300$CAN).
None of the dealers in Germany are using the tool and many have their share of problems with the mounting scheme.
I guess I will give the Park Tool AV-5 a try and have some extra bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Would have been great if you had come up with a new mounting that can be retrofitted to the previous models.
Anyway, thanks again.
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 @2pi: The easiest solution that will make for effortless work would be to purchase the updated bearing eyelet that comes on 2021 Altitudes (SKU: 1811007), and the tool that goes with it. Unfortunately, on our webstore, the tool will not come back in stock until end of January. BikeAction in Germany might have stock though, to which they can supply a RMB dealer.

The park tool AV-5, or any type of vice jaw shaft tool with the matching diameter (Lots of options online) will work but requires both strength and finesses to not damage any parts.

Good luck, and if all else fails please send me a msg.
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 @kperras: has a sweet custom Altitude, that's all thank you.
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 It's probably because he's sponsored by Suntour, and they don't make a coil shock
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 Awesome riding, but Dang that's one nice truck!
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 Nice riding, awesome truck.
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 Great work Calvin, I would like to see another angle of that bacfklip.
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 How sketchy/insane that looked I bet they only did one take and that was the angle they shot first.
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 I have a 64 Ford F-250 styleside that is pretty much just the Ford version of the Mercury and that the one in the picture is a 66. I never thought I would see another Mountain Biker who actually owns one.
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 I almost bought a 66 f100 a few years ago as a daily but it just didn't seem practical for winter, would have been sweet for everything else though!
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 Great riding. great song!
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 Loves me some puddle shredding!
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 Nice! Bloody beautiful truck, too! :-)
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 Awesome. Always worth the wait for a No Bad Days video.
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 The only good looking Ford ever made.
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 I suppose there's no arguing about taste, but here goes. What about '33 Fords, '34 Fords, pickups from the '40's - '50's, unibody pickups, the '61 Starliner, '63 Galaxy, '69 Mustang fastback, and first gen Broncos to name a few.
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 what a vibe, loved every second of it! ????
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 Those are some super flowy lookin trails! Sick one boys ????????
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 Chingon mang! You guys should go to a chat somewhere and talk tech stuff!
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 “Trail builders everywhere... You're the best“

Yeah you are!!
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 Sniff snuff!

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