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Video: Laura Kean Rides Big North Shore Lines

Dec 27, 2020
by andrew vincent  

Laura is gnarly. Riders on Vancouver's North Shore have known this for years, but we finally pinned her down to get it on film. Laura is a regular at Mount Seymour and never shies away from big rides or features with the boys.

Laura and Devin getting the follow cam shot
Laura leading Devin in for the follow shot

Laura Kean laurakean with the first women s decent of this classic rock roll. Photos by Andrew Vincent aaandrewvincent
Laura Kean laurakean with the first women s decent of this classic rock roll. Photos by Andrew Vincent aaandrewvincent
Laura dropping in on a classic rock roll

Rider: Laura Kean @LauraKean
Video: Devin McPherson @_dmcpherson_
Photos: Andrew Vincent @aaandrewvincent


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 That last rock roll is massive. Big respect.
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 Who would neg this???
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 @rrolly: probably an accident, too bad you can’t undo an accidental neg.
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flag cougar797 (Dec 27, 2020 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 @unrooted: Actually you can just click in the (+) and it will neutralize it
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 @cougar797: I just neg propped you and tried to change it to an upvote. It won't let me.
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 @rrolly: Jealous dude-bros that would never have the guts to ride the dynamite roll, so they troll Pinkbike instead.
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 @cougar797: "Props already given" don't take the (-) pile up personally, we're just guinea pigging you!
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 @heckler73: Well dang that used to work. You could reverse an accidental negative at least back to neutral. They need to fix that.

I don’t mind GP’ing it. Used to be that guy when out riding too.

Cheers all
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 @cougar797: Yep, it doesn't work bro!!! Lol
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 It's refreshing to see women actually getting a bit of a platform and their vidoes being shown on here. Nice one Laura!
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 Yes!! More lady shredders PB, please!
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 Something about this feels like a North Shore Extreme video. Nice work Laura!
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 Bring back the NSX!!!
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 The highest form of compliment!
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 My thoughts exactly. It’s the handicam work, scenes on the foliage, and the music. Definitely the music.

Makes me nostalgic
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 Yeah, I think because it hasn't been color graded.
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 More of this PB. It’s inspiring to help get girls into the sport.
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 This made me really homesick. What a great edit. I will aspire to be as ballsy as Laura one day Smile
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 Me: that pinch point between the two boulders is a lot tougher a move than she makes it look!

The credits/outtakes: yup!
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 I think if you're from somewhere else watching this you might smile and think something like "Rad, that was fun to watch!"

But if you're from the NS and you've seen the exposure and difficulty of this in person you might just be having a mild panic attack while watching instead lol
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 Nice to see people wearing full face helmets while riding this stuff too. Remy Metailler makes me nervous riding the stuff he does with a half lid.
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 The style, soundtrack, and general feel of this edit totally reminds me of the North Shore Extreme series. Great way to start my day!
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 Cheers man! Long live NSX
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 I was getting my morning doses of pinkbike video Edit before I head out to shred... and this got me stoke 200%.
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 Killing it Laura! #sightclub
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 Nice edit loved it
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 Great video guys. Miss ya’ll!
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 Flow is a state of mind. Laura has flow. The trails , pure gnar.
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 This chick shreds! And one of the nicest, and smallest girls in the north shore riding scene! Well done LK!
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 Wow props to you Laura!! I know I wouldn't ride those bigger features! It already looks big in video so in real life it must be scary as f*ck... and no elbow pads and glove! :O
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 That root chute looks absolutely disgusting, killed it Laura!
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 that was pretty rad and mental, I wish I had that kind of features around... awesome edit and riding!
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 So sick! Wild riding Laura!!
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 Commit or eat shit! Great skills and good music! Give us more!
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 Wet. Cool video. I cant ride wet coming from Utah
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 Trails looked fairly dry to me
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 @ptrcarson: It's all relative lol
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 Damn I need those rock rolls right now.
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 Very nice riding! Watching videos with a 60 fps rate always looks weird to me though lol
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 Nice riding
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 Crazy that I like! Big lady balls indeed!!
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 Nice shredding Laura! Filmer is a dreamboat!!
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 Hell yea Laura! Stoked to see you shredding!
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 Awesome!!!where are those trails? Seymour? Anyone knows the names?
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 Sick one!
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 Lady Ripper!!!!
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 Go Laura!!!
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 Cool trails and good riding. However, I fail to see the benefit of not wearing gloves.
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