Video: Laurie Arsenault Previews the Leogang World Cup XC Course

Jun 13, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesCheck out the Leogang XC course with MTB Racing's Laurie Arsenault!Canyon

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 “Here’s the first climb, now the second climb, the third climb, or maybe the fourth climb” Here’s 10 seconds of downhill or flat to catch my breath. Here’s the next climb. “I’m out of gear” Here’s a tech DH section that’s full of mud that I have to break check through all the turns because I’m exhausted from climbing and my tires have no cornering knobs. Also I may run into another rider that is having trouble negotiating the tech for the same reasons I am. My bike’s suspension is short, stiff, and to the point along with a steep head angle because..... here comes another climb. “I love this course!”

Gotta hand it to these XC riders they really are a breed apart. They go flat out for an hour and a half on bikes that honestly are nothing but a series of compromises between weight, traction, and technical capabilities. I climb up a hill for only one reason and that’s to send it down. Can’t imagine trying to race uphill then do short tech descents in a pack of riders without even catching my breath. Repeat 6 times.
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 "Save the legs... change the gear.... Oh!.... I don't have another gear."

Been there.
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 That was fun! I loved her vocalizations - "brrrraaaap." and "wheeee" She seemed to handle the nasty, slippery, steep downs just fine - save for the first one, and seemed to enjoy the jumps as well. I am sure everything is a lot harder than it looked - and it looked tough!
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 Those downhill sections look nasty!
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 She is as happy as a school girl on a track that would tear my lungs out and leave my legs screaming - love it! The sound effects were awesome and show how much she enjoys riding. Get well soon, Laurie.
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 Thank you for the course preview. Well done Laurie and get well soon. By the way you have the wrong tires and maybe bike for the tech DHs
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 damn that track was gnarly, nothing hotter than a fit girl who shreds bikes
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 More sound effects than a looney toon cartoon
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 Nice video! Always fun to see these tracks first hand. I see Laurie had a DNS. Anyone know what happened?
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 Separated shoulder during XCC
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 Bummer @jcrr:
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 Here’s to a speedy recovery @jcrr:
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 She crashed on the pumptrack before the race actually... Shit happens Frown
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 That actually looks super fun, those mudding sections are amazing.
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 Perhaps if that stem was actually pointing in the correct direction you would have a lot more control on the descents. They say XC is won on the climbs but you can definitely lose it on the descents. Put the stem the right way up, garb some wider bars and give yourself a hell of a lot more control for the entire track. Mountain Biking is not just about climbing.
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 "Say hello to the camera"
"Hello camera"

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 Very fun
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 Those descents looked hard.
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 I would give someone a glass of milk to wash my bike for sure.

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