Video: Laurie Arseneault & Emily Batty Preview the 2021 Snowshoe XC World Cup Course

Sep 17, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesLaurie Arseneault and Emily Batty take you around the new and improved XCO track in Snowshoe, West Virginia, for a course preview.

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 Good work Laurie. I am rooting for you two for sure. I especially love the sound effects!
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 She's got a cute voice for sure. Is that sexiest to say? I like Bruni's too!
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 One of the best course previews I have seen... more Laurie!!!
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 the first part looked like a CX course. Then they went in the woods and that ended...
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 I very much enjoyed that commentary. More please!
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 Thanks for the commentary Laurie. Looks like a choppy course for XC.
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 Lots of slate chunder.
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 looks smooth compared to a Whistler XC course
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 @taprider: Note that's my uniformed opinion, as I don't follow XC races. But that course on a XC bike would rattle the fillings out of my teeth.
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 I can totally see why XC bikes are getting more progressive geometry these last few years.

Major props to all these pros that can ride stuff like that with a 70mm stem with a -10 degree rise and no headset spacers, and (what feel to me like) slick tires.

Also, I've never listened in to Emily before. She seems super stoked/happy. Was a pleasant preview Smile .

Good luck in the race!
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 Gah, got the names confused. I clearly mean Laurie!

Apologies :/.
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 70mm stem isn't long. There's ews riders recommending people ride 65mm stems afterall
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Which EWS riders are recommending 65mm stems these days? Thats the first I've heard of it, but I definitely don't follow stuff all that closely, so I could easily have missed it.

Personally I haven't seen any trail/enduro bike come with a stem longer than ~50mm or so in ages. But my comment was mostly trying to reflect that the XC courses are becoming more difficult. And while I would like to think that I could ride it ok, I'd also say that I bet I'd feel wayyy more sketchy than normal if I was riding Ninos cockpit with its negative rise and long stem, etc. Basically just saying the riders clearly have skill.
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 @ocnlogan: Charlie Murray recommended it just the other day during a Q&A. Alot of the riders on bikes that are XL are using stems around that length as well
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 Gravel pit and sharp off camber corner right after the downhill bridge. Could be a corner where some major pileups happen. Dr. Evil thought that one up.
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 Arseneault, Dassault, Renault - so French.
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 How is Laurie so polite to everyone on the course?!? She seems like a sweetheart. A talented rider for sure.
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 It's a Canadian requirement to polite. Otherwise, they deport you.
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 Hello!..... Bridge...... Rrrrrrrrp Love the commentary.
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 It’s the only time Emily will be the course without lots of people infront off her
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 I think that constant ringtone is Emilys husband blowing up her phone.

Where are you?
What are doing?
Who are you with?

That's why Emily can't train properly anymore
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 Looks fun. Thanks for that
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 More techy stuff than 20 years ago. I remember watching some borrowed DVDs of XC and it was mostly long climbs
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 Daaayyum. They are sending them on some chunk stuff. That is awesome.
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 That was thouroughly entertaining. Not far away from 150-140 XC bikes at this rate.
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 Her bars look 15 inches wide
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 That surname can't be real ffs. If an Astronaut is a space explorer, what's an Arsenault exploring??? #IGotsTaKnow
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