Video: Laurie Greenland Gets Loose in Queenstown

Nov 14, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesYou'll find no fancy audio trickery or upbeat music in this edit, because this is the Sound of Speed with Laurie Greenland. Nothing but pure earthy tones and the shred of tyres on soil to lull you into a full state of stoke.

Winning his first UCI World Cup in Val Di Sole this year, Laurie Greenland has been on fire all season. In this video, Greenland takes some time-out from racing to lap it up at Queenstown Bike Park in New Zealand.
Red Bull


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 Laurie's gotta be my favourite rider to watch on a bike. The way he moves his weight around is nuts.
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 New Red Bull athlete spotted Big Grin
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flag xMARTINx (Nov 14, 2019 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 Just one athlete in every country, and they have Gee for britain
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 @xMARTINx: except...Rachel Atherton and Tahnee Seagrave, both British pro elite...
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 @xMARTINx @primarydevices : Not to mention a few years back, Semenuk, Messere, Claw, and Stevie
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 @xMARTINx: really? thats not even close to true..
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flag xMARTINx (Nov 14, 2019 at 13:55) (Below Threshold)
 @laxguy: in the Downhill worldcup Just two british Girls with Red Bull, one man, Just one french man and one girl, one canadian... wich country got two RB athlets in the Worldcup ?
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 @xMARTINx: You said it yourself. UK/England... Tahnee and Rachel both in the WC and on RB.
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flag xMARTINx (Nov 14, 2019 at 14:12) (Below Threshold)
 @leon-forfar: the only two. RB normaly wants just one female and male athlete of every country
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 @xMARTINx: I think it has more to do with skill and how high up the rankings/ results/how much exposure they receive than what country they are from.
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 @leon-forfar: I think RB will also watch out who is on the market, Rachel is not at the beginning of her career anymore and you have to secure the future. Same with Gee. Also results count and Gee is not Top 10 anymore...unfortunately.
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 @xMARTINx: well, that didn’t really work out.
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 who is in the picture for his lift pass?
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flag waxed (Nov 14, 2019 at 8:58) (Below Threshold)
 @dream-looks: thor as in the god of thunder?
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 Such a pleasure to watch guys at this level...he held some of those lines so perfectly
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 I feel as if Lourie does this every day and there just so happened to be a RB film crew at the bike park that day...
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 Maxxis tyres?? thought mondraker team were on Michelins?
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 And also dt Swiss rims not Mavic
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 Shoot last year...
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 Yea but does he have knee pads?
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 Irrelevant. You don't crash on trail bikes. Full face not needed as well.
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 Oh and Matt Jones from GB as well is a Redbull Athlete. Oh an then Americans Jill Kitner, Kate Courtney, Aaron Gwin, Curtis Keene and so on.
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 Great vid! Makes me wanna ride. Then I look outside at the snow and sigh. It'll be awhile before I get to throw dirt around again.
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 Ski dude
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 hge is fast and has sooo much style. he should try world cup racing.
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 The lift pass picture during the opening scene made me spit my water! That was fookin hilarious.
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 I would have been happy with just that last 30 seconds of the video, thanks for throwing in the foreplay..
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 You might say he is a.....Thor'some rider! Sorry, might get hammered for this one.
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 2:08 knobs sound in the air ?
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 Faster than the speed of sound.
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 Such a talent on a bike. He could be my new favourite rider after 10 yrs of Sam Hill.
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 Laurie’s definitely still getting better! That man can force the traction into submission!
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 What a weird position on the bike . He s super good and all but that was a different type of riding to what I’m usedtl see here
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 Wish more people would do silent edits. The sounds of riding prevail over trash music on edits.
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 This dude is fast. He should race world cups!
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 this dude is on fire!!! whoop whooop... but why without a fullface...lift...bikepark???
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 Rides like a boss.

Probably just a stealth bike ad...but is he heading toward enduro?
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 Always a pleasure to watch Laurie ride.
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 Was lucky enough to ride there last year. Not like that. Unfortunately.
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 Red Bull videos, where what you hear, may not be reality.
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 Got a few more wins in him this lad.
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 Feel perfect Laurie !!
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 so good!
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