Video: Laurie Greenland Rips Bike Park Wales on his New Santa Cruz V10 with Charlie Hatton & Andi Kolb

Feb 9, 2022
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWhilst we've been closed during the week Laurie Greenland and Olly Morris have had the keys to the park! With the place to themselves they've been busy testing and clocking up some serious miles on 50 Shades of Black.

A couple of weeks back the guys invited Charlie Hatton and Andreas Kolb along for the first mini race against the clock!

Please be aware this video includes footage of 50 Shades being ridden at Mach 1, some questionable 'French' lines, a shed load of mud and general good banter.
Bike Park Wales

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 My daughter was born in Merthyr Tydfil during our last holidays "alone". Visit to Bike Park Whales was wicked. Some good folks gave me a day pass for free. And next day I was a father!
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 I guess that's the last time you had a "day pass".

Hahaha...just kidding! But those with kids probably know what I'm talking aboot!
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 @Bitelio: Haha so true!
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flag its-joe-44 (Feb 9, 2022 at 7:28) (Below Threshold)
 I can't get my head round this. Who the hell gives birth on holiday? why would you go on holiday when you're due to give birth? what does that make your kids nationality??
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 @its-joe: obviously got the Sperm Whale nationality.
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 @its-joe: Well, my wife did and it happens more often than you might think. Our daughter was born 5 weeks earlier. She has a triple nationality and one of them is British as we were permanent residents of the UK at the time.
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 China Airlines, born on a plane Taipei to Anchorage. It happens!
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 @jaame: Wow sounds way more crazy than what we have experienced! Actually, I have dreadful memories from flying with China Airlines. Never again!
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 @szec: oh that's unfortunate. I've flown with them about a hundred times and never had anything negative to say!
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 I feel a bit dumb now. I read more about this and I learnt that it's actually quite common and even has a name "birth tourism"... Although It still seems like a crazy concept to me haha! Apologies for my ignorance..
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 @its-joe: We haven't travel to UK to give birth. We literally used to live in UK and just went for a weekend trip to Wales.
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 @its-joe: I've heard a lot about birth tourism the the US when living in Asia. Never heard of birth tourism to the UK though but I guess it happens.
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 @its-joe: different in different countries but you don't become a UK national simply by being born in UK.
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 @pen9-wy: is that a fact?

I was told by a Taiwanese friend who did it, his son will have to choose the US or TW passport when he reaches 16 or 18, something like that. It's just about giving the kids more options. I would love it if I had two passports, for example. I would permanently swap my UK passport for an Aussie one right now if that was possible.
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 @jaame: Only kids whose parents are permanent citizens of UK get the passport. You become permanent citizen after at least 5 yrs of being employed in UK.
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 @szec: thanks for that. I know in the China Airlines case, the flight was Taiwanese and generally speaking if you're born on a flight, they treat the birth as if it was in that country - Taiwan in this case (because FYI for anyone reading, China Airlines is rather confusingly the flag carrier of Taiwan, which is not China in the normal sense). The mayor of Anchorage publicly stated he was happy to bestow US citizenship on that baby as it was on the way to Anchorage. Still, the surrogate mother got in shit with the client. I can't remember how the story ended. I think she probably carried the baby for nine months, had all the trauma of birthing on a plane, all the stress afterwards and then probably had to pay compensation totaling more than her fee to the client. Such is life. Anyway at least the baby was healthy and got the US passport.
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 Atherton team pants...Great for team recognition, horrible to look at lol
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 You're not big on diarrhia?
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 This time of year you never know who will appear at Lousa, whales, and windrock USA. Seems like the riders who start in the slop early can handle the wet conditions later in the summer
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 Humpback, Beluga, Orca? I'm partial to the Beluga but the Orca seems to be the fiercest and would probably do best at the races.
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 Not to mention whale tails. You gotta put the right kind of training in.
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 @pisgahgnar: For what its worth, the fin whale is the fastest whale, reachong speeds up to 25 miles an hour!

This has been your whale fact of the day.
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 @jgoldfield: Unsubscribe
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 @jgoldfield: Gamechanger if true.
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 I am really curious to see what Greenland's gonna do on the V10.
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 Every video I see of him he's looking rapid, think the team change has given him good motivation to train, seems to be out on his DH bike every day lately. Definitely going on my fantasy team this year.
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 @melonhead1145: Green Land is a f*cking weapon! I would love it if he won the overall!
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 I'm a fan of L.Greenland too, but I've determined there's just no way to know if these guys are riding fast (for them) without a clock. I will say he looks like he's having fun though, hope that's a good sign.

how many days til racing?
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 Olly is rapid of the nicest guys i've ever met and one of the best coaches.
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 I thought he was in Lousa?
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 Filmin, editing, all that goes into a production including posting at the right time for the best view count… this is not a look at what Laurie happened to be doing yesterday afternoon.
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 @pisgahgnar: no kidding dude
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 He's fãst, and walks on water

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