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Video: Laurie Greenland Tests Out His New DH Bike with Bernard Kerr

Jan 9, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe head to Wales for some wild shuttle laps with Laurie Greenland on his first ride on his new team steed....Santa Cruz...

Enjoy a ride along for some loose slippery laps in the welsh valleys!
Bernard Kerr


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 I think we need a year off from yeah boi
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 Yea boi you right
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 What do you say when you’re juiced, two shoes?
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 And yeeeeeew.
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 @pargolf8: To my shame I'm a whooper
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 @watchtower: we should be so lucky.
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 @watchtower: please let the gods end that
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 @watchtower: but that's my go to
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 @watchtower: yew forever
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 Greenland, like the country, is the last to melt under pressure
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 Are you Rob Warner’s writer?
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 @steddy: no but Warner was sitting near me in IKEA when I made a joke about someone taking their seat during the giant meatball week. Can't remember the joke now but.
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flag ericinissi (Jan 9, 2022 at 18:55) (Below Threshold)
 @browner: LOL! Internet WINNER right there ...
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 @browner: it took me longer than I care to admit to work out what you were getting at there. Well played.
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 Hes gonna kill it under minnar n mentoring from peaty
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 Team Laurie FTW
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 The pace of these guys, especially through those bike park berms, is insane.
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 I only ride park does not apply
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 great of BK to leatt us in on his recent sponsor change
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 @blackapturphoto he was hoping it would fly through.
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 This place (and Laurie's bike) looks unbelievable, I can't even imagine having a place like this close to home, out of all the places on earth, it seems I've ended up in the flattest place possible, good ole Florida, at least I can ride all year round and there's plenty equipment rentals nearby. IMO LG has two of the best mentors you could ask for w/ Peaty and Minnaar I don't follow EWS or downhill as much as some, but I've always seemed to favor Minnaar, he always seems so calm and professional about everything. Syndicate's going to be on fire this year.
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 You can ride all year round in Wales too. Can't guarantee it'll be as sunny as it is in the video though.
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 merthyr vale and pontypool, both within 30 mins of me just like countless other great natural trails, south wales is a goldmine of steep techy trails.
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 @b45her: Yep, we're pretty spoilt around these parts, although I do have to remind myself of that when I'm pedalling back up.
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 I haven't been here for 5 years, drops in and shreds the crap out of the berms!
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 I like those two guys, always worth watching Bernard Kerr. Greenland will be awesome at Santa Cruz, he's always been an incredible rider, I reckon in this new environment he could set the mountain on fire.
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 Greenland carrying some serious pace. Good luck for this season.
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 Only ever seen tall riders on the Syndicate, it's gonna be interesting seeing Jackson and Laurie bringing completely styles to the bike that's proven results for the tall guys.
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 Vergier isn't particularly tall is he?
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 @melonhead1145: no... def under 6".. he did leave the program too though... Interesting point made on the bikes intentions per: rider size
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 Yes!!! Incredible speed down those trails. I was also really happy to see Laurie, sponsored by fox managed to mulch their gloves really quickly. Fox gloves fall apart
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 Santa Cruz?
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 Yeah it was announced the other day. Him and Goldstone and Hoffmann.
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 Watching Laurie's point of view while railing berms that hard made me nauseas...
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 Fun to watch how his speed progresses lap to lap
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 Bernard Kerr speaks the Queen's English... I canni understan shite
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 Laurie showing what you need to ride from age 14, to ride world cups?
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 where are the first trails please?
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 Merthyr Vale
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 So much flow.
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 Dude is ripping already!
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 I mean, a bike is a bike...
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 What did you expect?
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 @markcorrigan: he has also likely been testing a Santa Cruz for a while now. I doubt these guys just blindly sign with a company without ever testing the bikes they will be riding.
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 @sino428: honestly, for the most part I don't thing that's really the main motivator for these guys.
Adding in the success of the V10, and the fact it's proven to be one of the most refined DH bikes currently today, I'd say if I was a potential signer to race for the syndicate, it's kinda a no brainer.
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 @jomacba: I agree with you. While it’s probably a formality with a bike like the V10, I still think there is a very good chance he’s been testing the bike out since the end of last season.
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 @sino428: He has - posted some clips of him riding one on Instagram, and in some clips he's not got the Red Bull helmet on. Made a point of saying it was just because the news wasn't public when they filmed them so he was being low profile on it.
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 @CleanZine: for sure. while these riders contracts formally run through the end of the calendar year, it seems like they are effectively over at the end of the race season.
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 And let's be honest. Riders on this level will rip on everything that has two wheels.
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 @pioterski: Also true
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