Video: Learn How to Scrub with Finn Iles

Sep 6, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesScrubs for show or scrubs for dough? Whether you want to go fast or just look cool the scrub is a staple for downhill riding in the Whistler bike park, so I thought I would take you guys through how I do each different kind of scrub on my favourite trail in the bike park. Hopefully this helps! Finn Iles


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 I don't want no scrubs
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 A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly
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 Got fired from job as shop rat for calling this song a gold-digger anthem. Turns out manager was huge R&B fan w/ no tolerance for sarcasm or constructive social critique. Thanks for tearing scab off an old wound!
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 next episode...Learn how to drop with Bender
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 I always scrub the bathroom
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 Can this trick do enduro tho?
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 Any bike can do any moove. Scrub is among easier ones, you can do it even on an entry level HT.
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 @speedy-fox2: Is easier to scrub with smaller back wheel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you like my trampoline trials trail feature?
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 What does Ian Morrison think of this though
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 Hey Finn I was just in ucluelet and rode the only trail there which happens to be sick. Would love to see what you could do with it. Root chute on trail forks if you happen to be in the area.
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 crazy trails there.
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 Good Job ! Only thing i want to know is what is different with this Alu prototype looking frame from you previous frame ?
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 Who doesn’t love Big fat Ws?

That was very helpful. If only I could get up to rhe Bike Park this year!
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 A tutorial that easy to understand but hard to execute in real life. lol...
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 Yeah it takes a lot of time and atempts. I was lucky to find a flow line somewhere in alps with like a million of rollers and small tables so every run I was trying to scrub each one of them and got the feeling pretty quick. Still, there is a difference when you come in a jump really fast and the force you push on the handlebar is significant and overall the feeling is pretty weird, I'm still not really comfortable with that one at all...
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 I would suggest a DJer and a BMX track, you can get the feeling for leaning the bike over while "scrubbing" rollers and the steeper faces of jumps, you can do it at a much slower speed and you get used to the feeling of the bike sliding off the lip.
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 Crazy good! i noticed the blenky style mid air pedal/ scrub, at 4:30 to 4:34, does that help bring the bike back maybe?
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 Right... scrubs for dough then!
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 That was great teaching Finn!
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 Scrubs for dough look nicer! Dat speed tho
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 Life time goal!!
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 Don't got it!
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